Vacation Time

June 25, 2009

I have a few days off (well, actually more than a “few”) starting Friday, so no blog until Thursday the 2nd.

Now often we seem to have exciting weather while I have time off, but I really don’t see anything that could give us any sort of blizzard, ice storm, thunderstorm, or flood.  It IS the slowest time of the year in the weather center and also here on the blog I notice.  Seems like just a few comments trickle in each day, but that’s good because you should all be outside enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  That reminds me; at this week’s weather conference I kept hearing over and over about how beautiful it was here.  Many participants did the Gorge-Mt. Hood Loop and/or drove to the Coast.  Don’t ever take our wonderful part of the world for granted…but don’t let any of your friends move here;  it’s getting too crowded!

The GFS and ECMWF keep hinting that we may see ridging retrograde slightly closer to us late next week for our first hot spell of the season.  For now I don’t trust them, sensing that the offshore upper-low will be a bit closer to us than models show.  As always…we’ll see.  Obviously if the 00z GFS verified we’d have highs 90 degrees or above.

Mark Nelsen