A Sweaty Evening

June 12, 2009

Dewpoint Temps Have Jumped To Around 60 This Evening Due to the Showers

Dewpoint Temps Have Jumped To Around 60 This Evening Due to the Showers

I took a bike ride this evening and made it back just before the larger raindrops arrived. It was definitely a bit humid so those clothes will be heading straight for the washer in the morning.  Some showers made it over the the Cascades and moved down into the Portland Metro Area this evening.  They’ve generally been weak, but one very small cell southwest of Forest Grove appeared suddenly and spit out about 5 cloud to ground strikes according to our lightning data.  The next closest strikes to the metro area were around Zigzag and Welches…lots there between 4:30-5:30pm.

Dewpoints have jumped to near 60 degrees, in fact I’ll probably mention it during the 10pm newscast, even though the bosses generally cringe when they hear the word.  It is a complicated concept, but just remember the higher the number the larger amount of moisture in the air.  The reason I don’t like to use relative humidity is that it’s…well…relative.  It goes up and down dramatically each day while the dewpoint only changes when the actual amount of moisture in the air changes.

Looking ahead:  Pretty slow weather next week…a bit of warming with higher upper-level heights early in the week then some sort of lower heights with some more moisture (from the west this time) later in the week.  Enjoy the weekend because it looks like a decent one for mid-June. 

Mark Nelsen