Severe Thunderstorms

The Mark Nelsen vacation curse has struck again!  I have one day off (today) and a line of severe thunderstorms is moving northwestward out of the Cascades and across the North Willamette Valley.  I’m at home right now, hearing the first rumble or two.  Everyone stay safe and have a good time watching the storms.

Mark Nelsen

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  1. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Major storm hangover today…. Ugh.

    The only thing I regret and I am kicking myself for it… I NEVER took any pics… I was so caught up in everything, and then when I was outside quickly putting all of the outdoor chairs, flower baskets, etc into the garage I just got wrapped up in it.

  2. My GIS software counted 643 ground strikes in Linn County the last two days. This is Northwest Oregon isn’t it? Nice!

  3. hiophil says:

    No surprise on the damage around town given the winds. To give everyone some perspective, Hillsboro airport had a peak gust of 55mph. The next highest gusts for the airport since 2004 were:

    54mph, Dec 14, 2006 – December 2006 windstorm! – My station 42mph

    52mph, Jan 4, 2008 – My station 42mph

    51mph, Dec 2, 2007 – My station 41mph – Great Coastal Gale!

    As I mentioned before, my station’s 44mph was the highest this decade for me, but the important thing to note is that all these other winds came in early-mid winter when the trees had little or no leaves on them.

    Also, counting yesterday’s high of 82.3 at my station. 8 of the last 9 days will have been 80° or above at my station which is a good stretch even during a warm July. 4 of the days have had a high of 89.x. Normally during a warm stretch like this I would have hit 90 at least one day.

  4. Looking at the satellite/radar…seems like the energy we’ll be seeing could come from Idaho (assuming that the current trajectory holds together)…. Anyone else have thoughts on this????

  5. Well….excellent Rose Festival weather, eh??

    Drizzled most of the very early morning, now it’s raining at a pretty good clip…. 57.1°F here…..

  6. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    Cooled off to 55.9, noticed looking on the radar the showers are now coming out of the north east. The most intense cell is just to the west of Albany with 47 dbz, I wonder if we could at least see some very heavy down pours later today, with an isolated T-storm perhaps?

  7. Shelley kelly says:

    Salem Phil I am so jealous! I knew I should have bought a house in Salem! Guess I’ll Just have to report from out here in sunny southeast Portland! Back to you Salem Phil!

    • Annie says:

      Thank you!! Unfortunately, I can’t view that map because I’m on my iPhone. It is just a black screen. But thanks for the link!

    • Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

      I can see it on my iPhone. Maybe try it again?

  8. yevgeniy says:

    well if its 51 dbz idk, i honestly expect a lightning show out if this and would love to see it!

  9. Annie says:

    I see that! Do you think it’ll just be rain???

  10. Tetraforce says:

    Sorry but YOu Tube hasn’t been loading for me lately the last few days and it’s worked well before.

  11. yevgeniy says:

    make thhat 53 haha

  12. yevgeniy says:

    yea man, there is 50 dbz development there!
    this is getting interesting!!

  13. muxpux says:

    am i the only one up seeing development in those cells as they cross the cascades?!

    dont be surprised to be woken up at 2-3 am as there ARE new lightning strikes being detected at the crests of the cascades…

  14. muxpux says:

    nothing expected from the yellow and oranges coming across the cascades from the east?

  15. SalemPhil says:

    HOLY COW!!!!
    I didn’t know it would do that!!!!!!!!

  16. SalemPhil says:

    Here are the links to the videos I posted of the Severe Thunderstorm today here in Salem. I couldn’t upload the best one though because the file was too large…oops!
    Might be a naughty word or two in there just to warn the sqeamish.

  17. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    I think Mark will decide to go on vacation right before our next severe thunderstorm event.

  18. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Severe T’storm Watch is now cancelled. and storms are not likely for another week or so.

  19. Quite the sudden change in weather today literally within minutes. At 4:50pm in downtown Vancocuver, calm winds. By 4:55pm leaves on the trees began to move and the flag at The Academy I could see out my office window showed a wind direction change and began to unfurl. By 4:57pm, there were dust devils in the parking lot, tree branches were swaying, the flag was completely unfurled in a stiff Southerly wind, and dust flying everywhere in the air!

    The storm itself was short-lived in Hazel Dell, but not before giving a wind gust of 57.2 mph at my house, along with .18″ rain. and about 3 or 4 thunder rolls. The wind met my expectations, but after seeing the radar, I certainly thought we would get a lot more rain and perhaps marble to golf ball sized hail. Still, all in all, an impressive storm cell to move through in early June!

  20. When is the next “Mark Nelson Vacation Curse” going to be??????

    Very comfortable 61.7° currently

  21. muxpux says:

    radar looks like longviews getting nailed, however, weve just had moderate rain falling for the last hour or so.

    thunder died down, and rain started coming down.


  22. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    What an event… Definitely something to remember. A line of severe thunderstorms from Eugene to Portland, taking on well defined shelf/roll cloud structures, lets see… This is the first time I had ever seen such a storm. I am glad I took those pics.

  23. I certainly didn’t get the wind from yesterday or today’s storms, max gust of 20. Just plenty of rain and lightning. I received 1.89″ of rain since 6:00PM yesterday and I will have to wait until I get to the office tomorrow to tell you how many ground strikes in Linn County since yesterday. Great two days of action. Graduation tomorrow night, so I am ready for a calm dry day.

  24. boydo3, N. Albany 500' says:

    Ok well, I can’t verify this but a friend of mine who has been at Odell lake for several weeks fishing for Kokanee said a big storm hit the lake a couple days ago and really scared the #*! out of him. He said lightening hit one tree and sent splinters of it through a camper’s trailer! Wouldn’t want to be in the mountains when these things roll through.

  25. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Well, it was an interesting afternoon. A bit disapointed with the lack of lightning.

    Left work about 4:30 (a little late) hoping to get some lightning pictures of the aproaching storms from Cooper Mountain. The gust front hit when I was over near the Cosco by 158th. Mark N will know this area well! There was a lot of dust and debri in the air and a lot of small to medium branches down in the road. Power was out at 185th and Baseline. Actually called the NWS to let them know about the winds and the power out. Fought through traffic and just started taking pics from Cooper when my Mother in Law called to say the Tahoe had been hit by a branch in Newberg while she was driving. This took out the whole windshield and collasped the driver side A-piller. Her passenger was cut by flying glass but will be ok. So I headed back home in case I was needed at that point. Here’s a link to some of my pics.

    One of a shelf cloud in front of the storms from Beaverton.
    Flying debri and winds
    And the aproaching line from Cooper Mountain.

    Also .05″ precip, 44mph wind gust, my highest since at least 2001

  26. SalemPhil says:

    Cool Fox12 just broadcast from a few blocks from my place. I took some great video of the storm as if moved in. I will post a link to them later tonight after I get them uploaded. Lots of Rain and wind here. Hardest rain I have ever seen in Oregon! Talk about alot of street flooding. Oh and the rain washed away all of the topsoil and grass seed I have planted over the last few weeks Grrrr!! Oh well, I’ll call it job security lol!!

  27. Carl in Cascade Park says:

    Well, here in East Vancouver we did not get much. Rained for a bit, one clap of Thunder and a little wind for about 5 minutes and then it just went away. However, the ex-wife just called and she informed me that they got it real bad in Estacada. Lucky her! I guess my kids were freaked out.

  28. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Well I enjoyed tracking, discussing, and sharing enthusiasm with you all.

    Good night.

  29. podunk says:

    Just saw a healthy dose of cloud to ground lightning here in Battle Ground.

  30. Mback (TTD) says:

    Rob is alive!!! Hahaha. I was suspecting that we would not see anything else tonight but I figured I had better ask. It was quite an exciting evening but it was a quick shot to say the least. Only saw lightning once but it was 3 bolts next to each other. The storm looked very impressive coming in but seemed to fizzle out once it got here. So Mark, when is your next day off???

  31. podunk says:


    Looks like you’re getting pounded right now.

  32. muxpux says:

    gettin some pretty regular rumbles of thunder here in longview.

    distant, but its there!

  33. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Sorry, Mback… I fell asleep there…. That whopping 1 hour of sleep finally caught up to me, but I’m happy to see all my 29,000 posts overnight were worth it lol..

    It looks like the only t-storm currently is over NW Skamania County or north of Cougar in SW Washington. There is a nice batch of moderate showers moving through my area currently and east of I-205, but I believe it is below t-storm levels. Other showers are scattered around, but they are small and low-topped. I just looked at the 6:30 SPC Thermodynamic Fields and I see SB CAPE is gone… completely. However there is still some lingering ML/MU CAPE values 500-1000, but LI is +2. I think the result will be showers and maybe, just maybe a periodic lightning strike. Then after say 10 PM that’s it… No chance of storms for probably at least 5-7 days.

  34. Tetraforce says:

    Hey some people want to know if we are thru for the night?

  35. muxpux says:

    wow. longview is left out again. just like the snowstorms…had some BIG cells blow up over rainier, looked ominous then everything turned to the west.

    storms building around helens, but dissipating as they come off the mountain. heard a faint rumble of thunder a few minutes ago, but the hills over kelso are in the sunshine, and behind em is dark as heck.

    if a cell could hold and make itover us that would be great, lots of strikes up by the mountain, i just feel we got the marine push and that killed our t-storm shot.

    still have a few oranges headed our way, but i dont want heavy rain. i want lightning and thunder.

    gf just said she heard more thunder.

    maybe well get lucky?!!

  36. Mback (TTD) says:

    I’m sure my parents, who live in Lincoln City, will love it when I tell them about the funnel cloud/water spout/tornado that hit there.

  37. Snowhound says:

    No I know. It was just funny seeing a meteorologist mess up the basic description of a “tornado” like that.

    Yes, a “funnel cloud” is just that. A funnel cloud. It isn’t a tornado until it hits the ground. And a funnel on the water is indeed a water spout.

  38. Snowhound says:

    “A funnel cloud was reported in Lincoln city over the water.”
    “A funnel cloud is of course a tornado, just over the water.”

    Matt Zaffino a few minutes ago on TV.

    I really hope he suffered from some sort of moderate dementia that he immediately recovered from when he said that…

    • Sarah (E Gresham) says:

      LOL..I heard that. He must have just stumbled on his words, ’cause even I knew that didn’t come out right.

    • Tornado Aly (Vancouver) says:

      I thought a tornado over the water was called a water spout. The funnel is a tornado forming that has not touched the ground yet. I’m not the expert though

  39. TVWeatherProducer says:

    WOW. That was fun. I got some video of the gust front moving over Tigard. A lot of dirt and debris in the air. It was a good little burst, a little lightning and rain.

  40. PaulB/Eugene says:

    It was totally cool to see the squall line first take shape S of Oakridge…was able to see the CBs form and coalesce into a line… Then drove back to Eugene to stay ahead of it as the storms were still forming…saw good gust front, roll cloud S of Pleasant hill with westward movement of scud ahead of the roll cloud and eastward movement just behind it, waiting for something to spin up. Did not see much lightning but was impressed with structure/organization. Somehow you just knew from looking at sat imagery in the morning that we were in for something special.

  41. Donna says:

    Donna in Beaverton,near Murry Hill.
    At about 4:20 I went out back to bring in my grill and lawn furnature. True,the storm was in Salem. But what the heck.
    I did look that way and saw a dark line,one I have seen from all my experiences in the different parts of the US. A sorta dark purple line with lots of white stuff infront of it.
    Hmm,not good. With in thrity min. or so waiting on the wind line to hit I noticed the white stuff,dust and lots of things that looked like birds floating in it….not a good sign then I saw the dust gradually turn an off brown red yellow color…which I knew were from the hill tops.
    Got ready with my dog to run into the central bathroom but still waiting for that first smash of wind…it came,I turned called the dog and cat and the TV suddenly started beeping an alert.
    We ran into the bathroom but the dog got into the tub first and I thought,freak,no way.
    Heard a strange noise and peaked out around the hall…and found over a third of my large pine tree in my small back yard inches from my window where my computer is.
    I already had every thing unpluged due to the odd color of what was coming.
    Well,got wood for winter,we are safe and have to say not hardly a lick of rain?????

    This happened before 5:50pm. Brom. was 27.1,er I mean 29.71,temp 81.
    Now it is six fifty,temp60,brom;29.89 NO RAIN. Inversion looking clouds brief wind.

  42. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    So are we guaranteed not to have anymore T-storms after what we saw today, is the atmosphere going to stabilize?

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