Warmest So Far…

May 28, 2009
By Sunday we will have seen 11 consecutive days above 70!
By Sunday we will have seen 11 consecutive days above 70!

I checked out the last 20 Mays during some spare time this evening.  Looks like this is the first time we have had a long stretch of nice weather in May since 1997.  In 1997 and 1995 we saw a thirteen day stretch of warm temps, but at least in 1995 there was some rain and a brief downturn during that period.  I remember the 1997 warm spell;  two weeks of summer and then cool and wet spring weather resumed.  That doesn’t appear to be the case this year since I still don’t see a huge change in the weather for next week.

The thunderstorm activity seems to be dying down now after a nice surge around South Sister during showtime tonight.  A nice repeat on the way tomorrow too.
We are going to transition from: 1. A hot upper level ridge just to our southeast to 2. A new upper level ridge over the Gulf of Alaska while an upper level low sits offshore of California (a Rex Block).  The net effect means very little to the forecast.  Surface high pressure coming down from the northeast Sunday through Tuesday keeps a strong onshore flow from cooling us off dramatically through the period.  Basically a very stable weather pattern will continue.  Still lots of uncertainty towards the middle of next week, but no model solution turns us back towards cool and showery weather.   I feel I made a good choice putting up the kid’s pool early this year.  The water temp is up to 70 degrees or so after starting around 55.  Maybe 75-80 by Sunday?
I’ll be off Friday and then back on Monday.  I’m taking some random days off next week too so I can attend to some family (kid) functions.  Mark Nelsen