Salesky In, Rod Hill Out

I’m not working today, but  the weather anchor news is too big to avoid.  Of course this is a KPTV weather blog, but let’s be honest…we all watch various TV stations to see what others are saying, so I’m pretty sure all of you will be interested in this.   Details a bit up in the air but here’s what I have so far:

1.  Dave Salesky is done at KGW as of noon today, he’s heading to KATU in October (a non-compete clause in contract) to be Chief EVENING Meteorologist.  He finally gets to sleep in after 21 years.

2.  Rod Hill was missing in action yesterday at KATU;  and there were rumors he was getting let go…don’t know why or if it actually happened.  We’ll see if he’s on at 5pm tonight.  UPDATE:  Kudos to Adam in SE for noticing, but his personality profile on their website is gone and apparently so is Rod…too bad.

3.  Both are great guys and I sure consider them friends, so I hope Rod ends up on his feet.

4.  Of course confusion at the competition is always good right?  KGW is looking a bit weather “light” right now beging down 1 or 2 people.  KATU seems to have been going through some serious consultant-driven changes recently…I don’t think it was for the better either.

Feel free to discuss, just don’t get mean about it.

Here’s a web site with more details:

46 Responses to Salesky In, Rod Hill Out

  1. misspiggysue51 says:

    rod hill where are you hope some where local so i can watch

  2. Vern Eaton says:

    Horrible mistake in letting Rod Hill go. I will have to find another TV station to watch. Nice going, Channel 2.

    • Beth says:

      I am SO with you. I will watch Rod no matter where he lands. Remember, kind readers… he WAS at KPTV at onetime…

  3. Richard Gard says:

    It would be amazing to see Rod and Mark working together! I mostly watch FOX 12 news, so picking up another one of the most accurate forecasters in Portland would be a big score for FOX 12!

  4. Thunderfforce (temporary name) says:

    Thanks for the opinions.

    Good bye.

  5. Steve Pierce says:

    Yeh Ryan, that Steve Pierce guy would ROCK!!! 🙂


  6. J in Kelso says:

    Hey, more great weather ehh..

    I sent you an e-mail Mark 😀

  7. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    1.50″ hail was reported in Madera County, California. Monsoon is a thumbs-up so far to me!

  8. Did anyone see the ISS just pass over? It was very bright, a magitute -0.9. It will passing over tommorrow about 9:51 pm. Be sure to look. I will post the link:

    you will have to input your location to get the exact times and direct. Have fun!!

  9. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    One very noticeable difference tonight is that my temp has not fallen now for 2 hours. Stuck around 68.3 to 68.7F. Upper heights must be warming as we speak and the slight breeze that’s out there must have more of northerly land influence rather than the cooler marine layer breeze.

    • HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:


      Temp is about 4 degrees higher than at this time last night and hasn’t been dropping as fast. Seems like less of a sea breeze out here when compared to the last few evenings.

  10. For those of you brighter than I am at this stuff (which therefore means all of you), how does Walla Walla look for T&L Friday and Saturday? Wunderground didn’t have anything, but…

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      I don’t think storms will reach there. Next week there is a better chance

    • Aloha Rainshadow says:

      Yeah, this weekend…not so much, however, there could be a drifter up the spine of the cascades for those of you in far SE, you may get a show in the higher elevations. I wouldn’t count on anything big north of Santiam but I also wouldn’t count them out!

      As far as next week, not sure yet, we’ll need to get closer…remember models last weekend showed some big instability over us for tomorrow and friday, obviously that won’t be the case, so we’ll have to wait and see how models trend.

      I’m off to Lincoln City tomorrow through Sunday so I’m hoping there’s no action in PDX, don’t want to miss it! I’m hopin for next week!

    • Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

      If this is a SE flow aloft then we will have drifters, i just know it. And if instability increases as the storms develop, as well as lifted indexes, we should be due for something.

  11. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    With monsoon moisture and instability like this, the Cascades are definitely going to have thunderstorms as well as numerous warned storms possibly. Friday/Saturday could be like last August as far as Central Oregon.

  12. Thunderforce (temporary name) says:

    Since no one is discussing anaylizing the chance of “T & L” this weekend here is a discussion shwoing instability everywhere just about.

    *register to view full size images and the images are worth your time*

    NICE!! | Fri afternoon

    “Reduced: 74% of original size [ 820 x 630 ] – Click to view full image

    NICE!! | Sat afternoon

    Reduced: 74% of original size [ 820 x 630 ] – Click to view full image

    The SREF model for later this week shows some great instability HIGH CAPE values and low LI`s for what could be a very good chance of T-storms over the Cascades of OR and maybe WA as some moisture works it`s way up from the south. So with an unstable airmass and daytime heating, things should fire off during the afternoon hours.

    So for Fri the model shows SBCAPE of 1000-2000j/kg, LI`s of -5c, MLCAPE 500-1000j/kg, MUCAPE 500-1000j/kg, MUCAPE-AGL 2000j/kg and 700-500mb lapse rates 8 to 9c/km. Also looks to be very little in the way of mid-upper level capping as helicity values are pretty low. So with this said, and for what it`s worth, could very well be some nice t-storm activity over the Cascades Fri into possibly this weekend.” In case you missed it above.

  13. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    >4.00″ hail now

  14. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Wow, take a look at whats cooking off the S Texas Coast. A thunderstorm (is it?) with an echo top of 43,000 ft., at 68 dBZ, and VIL’s going past 70 kg/m-2. Hail sig indicates 3.25″ hail right now. I don’t understand how the Atlantic waters can sprout such storms.

  15. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Has anybody had trouble with lately? Each time type in my location, it just sits there for about 5 minutes thinking…

  16. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Ha, they said there would be some cloud cover today, and what do I see? Not a single cloud presnet, other than this morning that is.

    Well it was kind of suspicous how today was originally forecast to be warmer than yesterday. I don’t think we would have gotten as warm if it were for the cloud cover…

  17. Rob "Wrath" S.E. Portland says:

    Mark, thanks for the update and info.

    My thoughts are I liked Rod Hill quite a bit. I do think when him and Wrongda would team up that he wasn’t at his best. I liked his thorough analysis, attention to detail, and enthusiasm he showed.

    Dave Salesky is good as well, but in a different way. He’s much more of an on-air personality and relays to the viewing public a general but bland forecast. You can definitely tell he isn’t a degreed met.

    Ryan, good seeing you over there as well. That was a calm night compared to when they see severe outbreaks. I’m pretty much always there when there are t-storms.

    So now onto the weather…. Another brilliant day out there. I just read the NWS AFD… I’m only posting the info that really caught my eye. S or SE flow aloft? Sound like anything to you guys? T-storms perhaps?


  18. EA_TTD says:

    Ah yes, the ‘consultant-driven changes’. Some guy/company sitting 2,000 miles away telling Portland what it should be doing because ‘we’ve done it in Kansas City and it’s working great there.’

    Anyone who works media in this town will tell you that Portland/Vancouver is a different animal; always has been. Hiring a consultant here is a colossal waste of money, but they are easy fodder when ratings go down (along with on-air staff) for management to blame.

    Too bad for Rod but good for Dave; we now have two Chief’s that live east of Gresham! Can anyone see Dave hosting AM/NW in the future??? Seems to me a weather guy with a buoyant personality has done that before……

  19. Ben Randall says:


  20. Kay Bradley says:

    First, Dave is a college degree meteorologist, AMS, etc … and after 20 plus years at KGW has earned some respect. Second, weather is a very personal preference, and I found Dave much more professional than Rod. But that said, I don’t want to see anyone loose their job, and hope Rod finds something better. Maybe Rod will take Dave’s place at KGW? Stranger things have happened 😉 Lastly, Dave always is to be the one to cover for Matt’s vacation (which seem to be A LOT) … and Matt always seems to be gone during twisters, snow events, and all the “good” stuff.” It’s too bad KGW didn’t get rid of Matt Z and put Dave in the job he does (better) anyway. Dave and Mark seem genuinely excited about weather … Matt just “phones it in.” It’ll be interesting if Matt has to step up now that he doesn’t have Dave to do his job for him.

    • wxman says:

      Almost, Dave has his Mississippi State Broadcast Met Degree. Not the 4 yr Bachelor of Science Meteorologist degree. He is good and I like his weather segments. Congrats to him on the step up, way to go.

  21. Aloha Rainshadow says:

    Dave is to conservative, Rod got excited on air as did we all for upcoming events, Dave is kind of bland. i don’t like the change and hope that Rod gets his kudo’s somewhere else. NOT a good switch in my opinion but it will be interesting to see how Dave does in the evening with the competition, I wonder if he’ll still wear the bow tie…

    Rob, good to meet up with ya in the Dallas chatroom, nothing big came of it but was random seeing you in there, lol.

    Last, KGW should pick up Steve P for on air, i guarantee you thier ratings will go up instantly, if not just from weather geeks that know him but his cander is one of a kind…can you imagine him on air with breaking news about a Tstorm outbreak or impending arctic outbreak? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!

  22. TVWeatherProducer says:

    Rod is a good friend and I echo Marks comments.

  23. Karl says:

    I will miss Rod Hill. For your information I watched him on katu and kptv quite a bit. I have to say Mark Nelsen and Rod Hill are my top two favorites. I watched both on the sides cause I could not choose who to watch. Now I will watch just Mark seeing as how Rod is gone. Mark let me know where Rod ends up if you find out soon.

  24. Ken

    If you check out You will find out about the other changes at KATU. Since this is a KPTV blog I figured the link would work better.

  25. Pat Roberson says:

    Rob is KATU’s loss. Hopefully KPTV will hire him to work with Mark. That would be the two best forecasters on one channel.

  26. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Well, best of luck to Dave and Rod! I enjoyed watching Dave doing the forecasts in the morning, it will be different this time.

    And hope for some storms bleeding in the Valley potentially. I want a good nights sleep, see ya all later!

  27. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    Although I sometimes would get frustrated at some of his “on the fence” forecasts, I have a high level of respect for Rod Hill’s knowledge and talent. He was able to speak to all of the possibilities that could happen with certain patterns, and he really knows his stuff! Hope he lands on his feet somewhere and that he is doing okay!

  28. Tetra says:

    Please don’t make fun of me for it either as this seems like a good time to mention that little snippet when there isn’t much going on.

  29. Tetra says:

    Guess it’s a good thing I don’t work there even though it looks intresting.

    I have Autisum and part of the disease is making it hard to adjust to change and I have to go thru deep meditation in order to do it.

    Sounds like being in a TV studio is like changing socks! Yikes!

  30. J in Kelso says:

    More nice weather..

  31. Timmy (Scappoose ~60') says:

    it wont let me post!

  32. Longtimelurker-West Linn says:

    Been watching Dave Salesky for a long time. I loved him in the mornings. Good luck at KATU Dave! In the meantime, enjoy the summer break with your family!

    Mark, you’ll let us know where Rod Hill ends up?

  33. Tyler in Hazel Dell says:

    Seems our summer time pattern is setting up about 2-3 weeks early, with more NW winds and weak systems brushing to the north. Not to mention the storms over eastern/southern Oregon.

    No Rod today on the 5 PM news either.

  34. Timmy (Scappoose ~60') says:

    no offense, but. Dave, chief??? hahahahahahahaha. i said no offense so no one can take offense to it 🙂
    does gave even have a real met degree or just broadcast? rod hill is a great met, i liked him at KPTV, not so much at KATU. hopefully he’ll find a better fit at another station.

  35. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Did anyone see the forecast for Burns? Thursday through Tuesday = thunderstorms!!!

  36. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    I wish we can just go backwards in time right now, since none of us want to see this happening… Well, things move on and so much for a time machine…

  37. Kay Bradley says:

    What other consultant changes were there?

  38. Wow, lots of weather “personality” news. I like both Dave and Rod. I’ve always had lots of respect for both of them. I wish them well….

    70.3F kind of muggy degrees currently here….

  39. Adam in SE says:

    Hill’s personality page on the KATU site has been deleted.

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