Salesky In, Rod Hill Out

May 26, 2009

I’m not working today, but  the weather anchor news is too big to avoid.  Of course this is a KPTV weather blog, but let’s be honest…we all watch various TV stations to see what others are saying, so I’m pretty sure all of you will be interested in this.   Details a bit up in the air but here’s what I have so far:

1.  Dave Salesky is done at KGW as of noon today, he’s heading to KATU in October (a non-compete clause in contract) to be Chief EVENING Meteorologist.  He finally gets to sleep in after 21 years.

2.  Rod Hill was missing in action yesterday at KATU;  and there were rumors he was getting let go…don’t know why or if it actually happened.  We’ll see if he’s on at 5pm tonight.  UPDATE:  Kudos to Adam in SE for noticing, but his personality profile on their website is gone and apparently so is Rod…too bad.

3.  Both are great guys and I sure consider them friends, so I hope Rod ends up on his feet.

4.  Of course confusion at the competition is always good right?  KGW is looking a bit weather “light” right now beging down 1 or 2 people.  KATU seems to have been going through some serious consultant-driven changes recently…I don’t think it was for the better either.

Feel free to discuss, just don’t get mean about it.

Here’s a web site with more details: