A Brief Rain “Storm”

May 19, 2009

Only a Few of the "Main" Cascade Lakes Open This Weekend

Only a Few of the "Main" Cascade Lakes Open This Weekend

I did some checking on snow depth up in the Cascades today.  Looks  like Clear Lake has dropped from 27″ to 11″ in the last week, while a ridge above Trillium Lake still has over 4 ft. on the ground.    That would explain why both areas are still closed for Memorial Day Weekend camping.  I see Lost Lake and Timothy Lake will be open though, a big improvement from last year.  Remember that a bunch of these spots had trouble opening until the last week of June last Spring due to the record snowpack.

A nice little rain “storm” (for May at least) over the last 24 hours.  Looks like 24 hour totals ranged from .04″ at McMinnville to .62″  at Troutdale (and still counting).  I’ve had .93″ at home in a generally wetter location east of Corbett.  That would explain the moss growing on trees;  plus the mildew I had to scrape off the deck today in preparation for some weekend deck-staining festivities.  It was good that some of us did get a soaking today, since I don’t see any rain in the next 7 days or so.

Not a whole lot to talk about in the forecast…a very mild June-like weather pattern sets up for the next week.  That includes a switch to offshore flow Thursday, back to weak onshore Friday, then stronger onshore Saturday.  So probably no A.M. low clouds Thursday or Friday, but they’ll return Saturday and maybe Sunday.   Ridging seems to be a bit stronger Memorial Day and beyond.  That’s why we have the temps bumping into the 80s at that point.  I see the 00z GFS just in is a bit flatter though.  Either way, a stretch of mild weather is in the offing and I’ve taken a chance planting my cucumbers a bit earlier than normal…hoping this might be “the year”.

Mark Nelsen