Cooler Air Moving In

May 11, 2009

First a poll, for fun:


I thought of this today as I came outside to get in the car and drive to work.  It was breezy, comfortable, and just refreshing in general.  I thought “what a perfectly normal spring day in Western Oregon”.  It seems like it’s been a very nice spring so far to me.  A warm spell about every week and a half, followed by cooler weather and showers.  We haven’t seen any long spells of wet weather, and no constant cold like last year.  Remember last year?  I think almost the entire Spring was chilly (through mid June!) minus that 95 degree heat wave in mid-May.  That was sure strange.  Anyway, looks like quite a few of you are happy with this Spring so far as well.  Of course most of us here would probably like to see lots more hail and thunderstorms every few days, but this is about reality here in the poll.

Moving on, a nice pool of cool air beginning to arrive now.  A radar on the South Washington Coast would be nice in a situation like tonight’s.  IR satellite shows a nice band or two of what are probably heavy showers moving towards the Coastline.  Maybe a flash of lightning on the beaches overnight?  Maybe not.  In fact Drew and I discussed the possibility of a thunderstorm Tuesday afternoon inland.  Looks like the main dynamics and coldest air has moved off to our east during the peak afternoon heating.  We’ll see if the strong sunshine can do the trick.  I left thundershowers out of the forecast in the end.

Models are agreeing well on a nice ridge developing over us Saturday through Monday.  In fact the ECMWF and GFS hint that it’ll be the beginning of a longer period of much drier and mild weather.  The maps definitely have that “late May-early June” look with higher 500mb heights even after the weekend…Mark Nelsen