A New Radar?

May 8, 2009

radarThe news came out yesterday that the Pacific Northwest MAY soon get a new weather surveillance radar!  Any new weather tools are welcome of course…but it’s always about the $$$ isn’t it?  Here’s the deal.  President Obama’s budget proposal includes funding for the first Pacific Northwest coastal radar.  Cliff Mass (a tireless promoter of the idea and a professor at the UW in Seattle) puts it this way in his Weather BlogThe implications of this inclusion are substantial…the National Weather Service is now supporting the radar and if the requested funding is approved by Congress (about 7 million dollars), the radar will become a reality.

So where might the new radar go?  Lots of thought has been put into it and it appears the plan is to put it near Westport, WA.  That’s maybe 40 miles north of Astoria.  It would be nice to get a 2nd one on the Central Oregon Coast since we have the worst coastal radar coverage in the nation, but once again…it’s all about the $$$!  Here is a great Powerpoint presentation on the whole subject:  Northwest Coastal Radar Proposal

Enjoy the sunny weekend!


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Mark Nelsen