An Oregon Tornado

snapshotThe storm report came out from the Pendleton Forecast Office today.  Looks like an EF1 tornado popped out of that severe thunderstorm just northeast of Pendleton yesterday.  Pretty impressive for the Pacific Northwest.  It’s all about location though as always…imagine if that would have moved through the Metro Area.  Wait, that did happen last January…in Vancouver.

The weather looks very quiet the next few days…nice and warmer with plenty of sunshine.  Mark Nelsen

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  1. Tetraforce says:

    That’s beyond rude to not give you your explanation they owe you.

    Those NWS guys should be downgraded to Janitor or night guard……..scratch that.

    If they saw a burglar they would be asleep on the job or watching TV on their IPOD.

  2. Timmy, myself and 2 other storm trackers were tracking a large outbreak last year in Kansas. Several supercells near and east of Goodland, Kansas erupted some of which had confirmed funnel clouds, tornadoes, and damaging hail. Well about 2 hours later yet another massive supercell erupted east of Goodland along US 24.

    The hook echo was immense and the velocities were frightening. There was a distinct, very large and sustained gate-to-gate couplet of over 100+kts / -100kts on Storm Relative Velocites. These readings never varied much always 100+kts. This persisted for well over 30 minutes.

    We waited and waited for the Hastings, Nebraska NWS to issue a tornado warning… Time goes on and still no warning. We were literally screaming for a warning. Well now the tornado was nearing 3 towns and still no warning. The tornado plows into those 3 towns heavily damaging one of them… No warning. We documented everything, all of the images, time-frame, ect. and sent them to the Hastings, Nebraska NWS looking for an explanation.

    They wouldn’t even give us one. It seems sometimes in the more rural areas the across the plains that those particular NWS offices don’t play much attention due to the lack of population.

  3. Becoming a very nice day…58.0F…light north wind…

    Speaking of tornadoes, a big outbreak of storms currently in Tennessee and Kentucky…

  4. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    The next time a supercell has a hook echo on it, I might need to prompt the NWS to issue a warning, literally, since there was no tornado warning posted when it touched down. Rotation from the Jan 10 Vancouver storm was harder to determine since it came from the base of the storm, rather than the edge, like a classic supercell would do. And the warning from the Vancouver tornado wasn’t even based on radar at all, they had to have a spotter report the tornado. Classic cells are easier to read than High Precipitation cells. With something like the Adams storm 2 days ago, you can be 100% sure that you’re tracking a tornado. It looks like a youngster like me can do better at storms in certain situations.

    I don’t know where I got all of this thunderstorm knowledge from, I haven’t even been into the whole weather thing for 2 years yet, and a little research on the internet seemed to do the trick for me. I memorize pretty much anything I see or read when it comes to storms. It is natural with me. Just wait until I become a storm chaser in Kansas, I will know automatically when danger is ahead.

  5. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    Further convective development doesn’t seem likely for a while now. No instability and fairly stable around here. At least its suppoed to be nice and sunny with a few clouds today, thats the good thing!

  6. Timmy_Supercell (Hillsboro) says:

    I was tracking that storm when it hit. Did anybody see the picture with the link I posted on that other blog post? It looks I was the only one talking about it when it had a warning for it. It had an intense hook echo on it. Very defined. I knew they were going to report a tornado. Strange thing was, they weren’t even forecasting storms for that area. That’s whats most interesting…

    • Jethro / South of Canby says:

      Yep, I was surfing when you posted that, and I checked your link… nice call and excellent example of what a hook echo looks like.

    • Rookie (Rock Creek) says:

      Saw it – great call!

  7. Currently 39.1°, looks like a marine layer is starting to form. Hopefully it will burn off soon.

  8. TVWeatherProducer says:

    Yup Rob.

  9. Props to Timmy Supercell on calling the tornado.

    Already in down to 40…heading for a cool night. Good sleeping weather.

  10. TriforceofEternity says:

    West Side Bend (Personal Weather Station) is reporting 33.1F already and dropping. Going to be ice cold for them.

  11. Tetraforce says:

    119mph? *looks shocked* You’ve got to be kidding me! :O That’s beyond insane!

    47F here and partly cloudy skies with the moon out. Bend Oregon is suppose to go below freezing tonight the first time in awhile. upper 20s.

  12. 119mph wasn’t it? Yeah that was equally as impressive.

  13. TVWeatherProducer says:

    They seem to get at least one or two every year in that same area. I think it was last year or the year before when they have a microburst with winds over 100 mph measured at a grain silo.

  14. Aloha Rainshadow says:


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