Getting Older!

So today was the “big” day.  I turned 40 years old today.  It doesn’t feel much different than yesterday, but the realization is finally starting to settle in; I’m not in my 20s or 30s anymore.  I’ve never been into big celebrations (unless someone else is paying), so no big parties, just some good time at home yesterday evening with the family.

I’ll tell you this, I couldn’t ask for anything else in life…really.  I have no complaints.  So for those of you that are younger here are my words of advice:

1.  Don’t Sleep All Day:

I’m not one of those that gets up REALLY early, but sleeping in half the day is a total waste.  Get up and get going!

2.  Don’t Make Stupid Decisions:

This is a big one.  Sure I’ve made an occasional bad choice, but no major ones.  I see friends, family, and co-workers at times who make one bad choice after another, leading to a lifetime of regrets and pain.  Then they blame others for their problems.  Just think before you make the big decisions, or even before smaller decisions.

3.  Don’t Take Life Too Seriously:

Have fun, even at your job if you can.  I’ve had several dumpy jobs (shoveling carrot slop…see #5).  There is a time to be serious, but I have rarely found it.  Actually that’s probably one of my faults.

4.  Get Your Priorities Straight:

Life isn’t just about a job or career.  If you think it is you’ll probably end up old and lonely.  A career like mine is very satisfying and I look forward to coming to work almost every day, but family is far more important than a career.  When you die and they remember you, do they say “heck, he sure knew how to write memos, keep his co-workers in line, and meet the budget”?  Or do they say “he really enjoyed life, his family, and cared about the people around him”?

5.  Hard Work is Good (to a point):

I earned my way through college working 6 summers in a row at a frozen foods plant.  National Frozen Foods in Chehalis had a fleet of pea combines that moved from field to field through a good part of the summer, harvesting thousands of acres of green peas.   I either drove combines or ran around the fields making sure they were correctly functioning.  Sometimes I even yelled at the kids driving that would run over irrigation risers or suck up a few rabbits (didn’t you see it running in front of you???)  There were occasional days of 12-16 hours.  In fact I remember working something like 95  hours one week!  I longed for a day when I could sit in (ah!) an office and stare at a computer.   Those long days set me up so that for the rest of my life all other jobs have seemed easy.  I sometimes remember that during the long hours spent here during snow/ice storms.  Hard work is good for you, as long as you don’t do it all the time and play hard too when you’re done!

Okay, enough of this serious life talk.  Looks like quite a few showers moving onshore and over the Coast Range while I’ve been posting.  Nice line of training showers from Boring northeast to Multnomah Falls too.  Lighter showers coming up for tomorrow, they should decrease quite a bit later in the day.

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  1. I knew as soon as I saw the image Timmy_Supercell posted that it was a tornado… You could just tell from the characteristics/structure… Very impressive, and nice work, Timmy.

  2. Andrew Johnson (Silverton) says:

    I don’t know if anybody saw or posted this already, but apparently there was a confirmed EF1 tornado in rural Umatilla County yesterday afternoon. This is the public information statement from the Pendleton NWS

    Statement as of 5:26 PM PDT on May 7, 2009

    … Tornado in Umatilla County Oregon may 6 2009…

    A team from the National Weather Service investigated damage that
    occurred Wednesday evening from a supercell thunderstorm in
    northeast Umatilla County. It was determined that the most intense
    damage occurred from a tornado of EF1 intensity with estimated peak
    winds of 90 mph. Some minor straight line wind damage also occurred
    on the periphery of the tornado.

    The tornado first touched down in an open field 4 miles southeast of
    Adams near the intersection of Tubbs and homily roads. A narrow but
    well defined path with embedded cyclonic semicircles was evident in
    the field. The tornado traveled just north of due east and struck a
    ranch. This is where the most damage occurred. A 100 foot section of
    a metal roof from a workshop was torn off and thrown… with some
    pieces lofted 1/2 mile downwind. 50 gallon Drums were also tossed up
    to 1/4 mile. A tree was uprooted and numerous tree limbs were down.
    One tree limb was implanted six inches into the ground. A large
    wooden plank was impaled into the side of a wooden shed.

    The tornado appears to have dissipated just east of the ranch in an
    open field about 5 miles east southeast of Adams. Total path length
    was 1.6 miles and path width 40 yards.

    • Aloha Rainshadow says:

      Hey Andrew…Timmy Supercell actually diagnosed that yesterday evening. To be completely honest, i discounted his call but when I heard Matt Z report that on the news earlier, I was very impressed by his prognosis! Great recognition Timmy.

  3. Tetraforce says:

    I’m with you Richard on that one. LOL. I’d prefer night jobs.

  4. Just got back from a long walk and it’s an absolutely gorgeous evening out there!! 53.8°F here right now….

  5. richard rees-williams says:

    I don’t agree that staying in bed “half the day” is a waste if you mean getting up at 12:00, it depends what time you go to bed, duh. I go to bed between 04:00-05.00 and do my work all up til then so prolly get as much done as these idiots who get up so stupidly early.

  6. Aloha Rainshadow says:

    Sorry to go off weather but does any one have suggestions on where to take (recycle) old tube televisions?

  7. Jethro / Molalla says:

    I was hoping for a few more good showers today, but we didn’t get anything quite like yesterday…

    Now we need some sunshine so I can mow the lawn and do some grillin’ this weekend. I just hope this Molalla clay will drain a little more by Saturday… 2.6″ of rain in the last week has made things a little squishy out there.

  8. Christiana--Forest Grove says:


    Happy belated birthday. Hope it was great. I turned 40 this year as well and your words of wisdom hit home.

    Glad that the weekend is still on track to be nice.


  9. Sandman - Aloha says:

    Thanks for the words of wisdom Mark.

    As far as the blog, can we widen out the comments?

  10. Tetraforce says:

    The only good thing is our weather isn’t made cheaply though this spring has been questionable except the heat-waves we had.

  11. Tetraforce says:

    It doesn’t have anything to do with the W store all stores these days have “cheap luggage” as you call it.

    It’s cause 3/4ths of our stuff is made overseas (China and Mexico) and most countries don’t have the quality control we “used” to have.

    The (W) store just helped nudged things out the door.

    The products are done by “free labor” which is a politically correct word for slaves due to different goverment rulings that limit or take away freedom completely due to either dumb or evil people making bad choices.

  12. Mike (Inner SE Portland 150') says:

    First comment in the new blog!

    NWS radar shows a bit of something forming over the coast range. I don’t know that it looks like much yet, but at least it means the moisture isn’t completely gone. Just have to wait and see, even though it doesn’t look good.

  13. Sarah (E Gresham) says:

    Pretty heavy hail shower wandering through right now!

  14. Andrew Johnson (Silverton) says:

    Happy Birthday Mark! I love the advice too! Showers and sunbreaks down in the Silverton area this afternoon. Current temp is 58.

  15. Does anyone know how to put a picture under your name? I suck at stuff like that, so if anyone knows it would be appreciated. I am starting to like the new blog more and more as I learn more about it. Have a great day everyone, stay dry!

    • Tornado Aly (Vancouver) says:

      First if you haven’t done it already, you need to sign up for Once you’ve created a screenname for yourself, and have activated your account, then on the upper right hand side you’ll see the Gravitar thing. Click on that, and you can upload a pic for yourself from your computer. It may take a few minutes after you’ve done that for your avatar to show up on here.

  16. Think your both right. Looks like the showers all merged together into one as they moved into the eastern part of Clark/Multnomah counties and not leaving much behind in their wake…….Maybe this current prolonged period of sunshine will help trigger some more even tho it seems like the dynamics are abating somewhat…

    Currently 55.3F….no rain here since early this am…

  17. Ah nope… Fell apart like cheap Wal-Mart luggage. No offense of course intended to any Wal-Mart employees that read this Blog, or anyone that desires to become a Wal-Mart employee.

  18. I definitely agree. There is one shower just passing east of Downtown nearing I-205 that I can see to my immediate west…. Perhaps this intensifies slightly.

  19. Mark Nelsen says:

    I agree, looks like the battle of sun vs. decreasing dynamics is tilting towards the latter. They’ll probably collapse quickly after 5pm.

    • Punxsutawney (aka HIO Phil at work by Sunset High ~280') says:

      Allowing for overnight clearing and some pretty chilly early morning temps I’m guessing.

  20. Based on radar trends over the past hour things appear to really be decreasing now…. Bring on the sun and 65-75F weather!

  21. Tornado Aly (vancouver) says:

    Pretty cool looking clouds to the north and south of me! Wind is picking up, getting cloudier here.

  22. 1:30 PM SPC info shows no changes. Nothing has become more favorable nor has it decreased either.

  23. Mark Nelsen says:

    No lightning detected here yet, but the showers sure do like nice from a distance.

  24. Lots of individual cells popping up, especially on a track thru the middle of Clark County..

    59.9F….with a few sunbreaks.

  25. Partly cloudy and 55.7°F….. Got my AM radio nearby and ready to go!

  26. Snow-Zone/Monmouth-Elv200' says:

    Just had a heavy shower pass over with some hail mixed in, no lightning or thunder though.

  27. Up to 51.6F now… I hope we don’t run out of moisture in the mid levels..

  28. Punxsutawney (aka HIO Phil at work by Sunset High ~280') says:

    Mid 50’s for the most part on the west side of town. Still a bit too windy, (HIO reporting S 9 G 18 at noon) for ideal conditions.

  29. Tornado Aly (Vancouver) says:

    Temps up to 55.5 now

  30. Sun breaks here….

    I have the AM radio on as I believe things will start popping a bit soon…. 5 hours of daytime “heating” to go. I like our chances….

    Checking some SPC info…..

    Upper air analysis
    850mb temps: -1c
    500mb temps: -28c to -29c
    Quite a bit colder cold pocket aloft as I mentioned last night.

    Thermodynamic Fields
    MU CAPE: 100J/kg
    Mid-Level Lapse Rates: 6c/km
    Low-Level Lapse Rates: 7.5c/km

    C’mon sun breaks!

  31. A decent cell west of Battleground has fired. Sun breaks in May do wonders…..

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