Saturday’s Squalls

May 2, 2009

This is an image from the Portland NWS Radar just before 4pm, contributed by our own Rob "Wrath" in SE Portland.  It pretty much tells the story.  A couple of nice squall lines moved north through western Oregon and SW Washington this afternoon.  The first was weaker and farther1414l0g east than this one.  And location is just about everything in weather along with real estate isn't it?  This line of thunderstorms moved right through the heart of the Portland Metro area.  Strong wind mixed down as well, giving us a nice, but brief, show of wind, horizontal rain, and spots of hail too.  I see the peak gust at PDX was 41 mph…that's the 2nd strongest southerly wind gust we've seen since last summer!   The first week of January we had a gust to 43 mph one day.  That's it…we just didn't have any significant south wind events this season.  Of course now we get it in May…good times.  A quick scan of Hillsboro Airport's records shows the peak gust of 40 mph there is the 2nd highest south wind of the season there too.

As fast as the squall line moved in, it's out of here and now it's back to partly sunny skies.  At least the rabid debate earlier right here on the blog should be over.  Those claiming today wouldn't be any good for thunderstorms (as they were already developing!)didn't make such a good call did they?  See, there's no reason for arguing;  just put out your best points for making a certain forecast.  Then just sit back and see what happens.

Mark Nelsen