2 Hours of Work

April 28, 2009

How many of you saw that movie The Weatherman?  I clearly remember the scene where the weather guy is telling people that he really only works 2 hours a day.  Several times he is shown just sipping water by the water cooler looking bored.  You may have suspected as much, but that's not quite reality.  Especially the last few years, but even in the past, we keep busy most of the time.  That point hit me again this evening when I spent 50 minutes on the phone from 7-8pm.  It was with a customer service person trying to solve a minor problem on our "Prism" program.  It's a piece of software that exports imagery from our weather computer to the internet, and sometimes to other spots on our network as well.  I took a brief break then tried to do some diagnosis myself around 8:45pm.  All of a sudden now it's 9:15pm and I feel like I've done hardly anything useful since 7pm.  I don't have a whole lot to show for those two hours of work.  Sometimes days go like that in here…other times it can be really slow.

There is some good news to report related to this blog!  We will be switching over to WordPress soon (in a few days).  The basics of the weather blog will not change…you will still get to comment and discuss weather.  But a quick glance at their features shows a bit of improvement.  For one you can have an avatar…a picture that represents you.  I think there is also a tool for polls, which should be lots of fun.  The links you put in your comments will also have little "snapshots" showing the web page you are directing us to read.  In general it should be a significant upgrade.  The biggie for me is that I don't want to lose all the past posts.   I like to be able to look over the last 3 years for images and my thoughts in severe weather situations.  I'll let you know when it's time to move over.   Mark Nelsen