Vacation Wrap Up

April 25, 2009

Snapshot The weather is still relatively slow this evening with a cool and mostly dry northerly flow coming up for the next 5 days, so I have a few thoughts from my recent vacation.  The family and I flew south to visit 4 not to be named theme/water parks in Southern California.  My kids are 8 & 7, and I've avoided going down there for that whole thing because I didn't think they would get much out of it at a younger age…now I know that was the right choice.  We had no mental or emotional breakdowns even on an ungodly-hot 12 hour day in 95 degree Anaheim…whew!  But you should have seen the screaming beet-red kids and even louder parents at times.  By the way, there are hardly any crowds in late April, a perfect time to go unless you hit the heatwave days.  Here are a few other highlights:

1.  A crazy place to drive…just make sure you go really fast at all times.  Who would have thought I could be going 70 mph and get passed by a SmartCar on the freeway doing at least 80?  Who even knew they could go that fast?

2.  In a water park in Palm Springs on one of those kid attractions where water is pouring off of swing ropes, slides, and chutes.  So much water everywhere that you can hardly talk, but a man yells at me that the slide on the other side is closed.  The guy is Pete Ferryman!  That was a "what are YOU doing here?"  moment for both of us.  Apparently we both took vacations the same week.

3.  Other than the pleasant, warm climate, the Pacific Northwest appears to be a much better place to live.  The OC isn't quite what it's made out to be on TV. 

4.  Why are we still pumping our own gas in Oregon?  Weird, and I've lived here my whole life!

5.  TV weather forecast was pathetic.  But I didn't have high expectations for a place that doesn't get much weather though.

6.  And the best part of the trip?  Steve Pierce's friend was a flight attendant and was able to get me a free drink.  All those bazillions of emails Steve sends every winter have finally paid off!  Sure our Outlook server is now broken, but I had a few relaxing moments at least.

Mark Nelsen