Another Warm Day Ahead!

Ecm_sfc_2So yesterday we were within 1 degree of the record high. Today we should break it, if not tie it.  Back in 1982 it was 77 at PDX today.  I am supper happy with the models over the last  week,  I was able to forecast 80 degree temperatures 7 days ago and it actually happened… I know it does not seem like a huge feat but after the spring we have had, its nice to have models that are tracking well. 

Anyways, we are in for a big change tomorrow with temps nearing 15 degrees lower than today.  We will start to get a decent marine push bringing in clouds and some breezy winds tonight that will cool us off.  As for rain… I think it will be mainly dry, if anything does fall in the Portland area the best chance is Thursday.  The last few model runs have been going from mostly dry, to vary dry, then back to mostly dry… does that make any sense? 

All the models are showing a little upper level trough coming through Thursday and a lower level thermal through as well.  Its a pretty basic pattern.  Now with the HUGE temp drop, remember that our average high this time of year is only 61 🙂

Go out and enjoy one last day of summer action before we are just… average… again

Rob Martin

92 Responses to Another Warm Day Ahead!

  1. Punxsutawney (aka HIO Phil at work by Sunset High ~280' elevation) says:

    Hillsboro did make it down to 30 this morning, tying the record from 2000.
    Record low-high tommorow for Hillsboro is 51, PDX is 50, both 1970. I don’t think we will stay that low but we won’t be far off.

  2. Aloha Rainshadow says:

    Hit 31.1 in Aloha, just a beautiful spring morning!!!
    Looks like tomorrow could be a very chilly day with cloud cover trapping in a cold overnight airmass…anyone know what the record low high is for tomorrow?

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