Vacation Time

April 16, 2009

The weather is still pretty slow this evening…just an approaching cold front that's weakening.  We get a shot of rain in the morning, then some drier afternoon weather.

No changes in the 7 Day forecast over the last 24 hours.  It warms up over the weekend with a strong upper level ridge, then cools down Tuesday.  By the 2nd half of the week a chilly trough is back over us.  Wow, it doesn't get more spring-like on the maps than the next 7 days does it?  Up and down, up and down…

For kicks I looked up the 1956 warm spell maps.  We had two days at/above 80 degrees at PDX, peaking out at 84.  Hillsboro and Forest Grove hit 88 that day.  There was a closed upper level height contour of 576 right over us, with a deep upper low offshore.  A slightly warmer pattern, but not much.  If we were to get decent easterly flow Monday with the forecast +13 to +14 degC 850mb temps, our chart says 85 IS possible but that would be the upper limit.  80 degrees is still a very good forecast high!

I will be off on vacation until Saturday the 25th.  So most likely no new postings until that time.  Everyone behave for the next 9 days!  Mark Nelsen



Monday – LIVE interview with astronauts on the Int'l Space Station! Tune into Fox 12 at 5:45am this Monday to see it live!!! -Rob Martin