Mid Week Doldrums

April 8, 2009

Snapshot  Drew Jackson and I have been working in here together this evening, and it just seems like one of "those" evenings.  The weather is boring, with no significant extremes of any sort on the way.  Of course the big change today was the sudden cool down.  We went from a high of 76 yesterday to 59 today.  I see Gov't Camp dropped 24 degrees in one day.  We've quickly moved from June back to April.

Not much on the horizon except a nice strong frontal system for Easter Sunday.  It sure looks juicy…definitely an indoor day.  I can remember some Easters that were warm and sunny.  I think there was one around 1990 or 1991 that was around the 80 degree mark just like 3 or 4 years ago.  Those are nice ones, then we have the usual slop most years…Mark Nelsen