A Little Weather Action

March 27, 2009

Snapshot  Today is the anniversary of the big Alaskan earthquake back in 1964.  It's been 45 years since a 9.2 quake hit just offshore the southern Alaska coastline.  That sent a tsunami across the Pacific.  I remember my parents saying the lights were swinging in their church in Hillsboro that night, so apparently it was felt even here.  Then 4 hours later the tsunami arrived along the Oregon Coast, killing 5 on our beaches and in coastal towns.

I've been a bit negligent posting this week, but the weather has been really slow.  Of course I could Twitter the weather instead…haha!  Actually if I hear that name again I'm going to vomit.  I can't stand fads and I don't really care what others are doing in their private lives.  Although maybe you are interested in mine?  Maybe I should do that instead of blog.  It's quite possible I'm just getting old and cranky…but remember Atkins diet???  Everyone seemed to be doing that and then it suddenly disappeared.  

On to the weather…a nice deepening low pressure moves through Washington tomorrow.  It's nice to see a deepening low move right past us; that hasn't happened much this winter.  So we get a warm front in the morning, then a sharp cold front closer to sunset.  The cold front should be a good rainmaker…it's definitely going to be an indoor day with the rain and wind combined.  Actually a bit stormy by late March standards.  Much calmer Sunday and then one dry day Monday.  The cool and wet pattern will continue into the first week of April though…Mark Nelsen