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Bsg-final1  This is a one-time thing.  I regularly tell you people that it's a weather blog and please don't have long discussions about non-weather issues.  Well, this is obviously non-weather related, but necessary.  For those of you weather geeks who are also sci-fi geeks that followed Battlestar Galactica…discuss the finale here.  I'll give my thoughts in the comments later…Mark Nelsen

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  1. Nof at work Aloha says:

    What happenened to all the raptors? What were they farming with? there hands? How did they hunt for game? Yeah the whole purging of all the technology is kind of a stretch. Seems as though 150K years is alittle long…especially if people having knowledge of how to build things with metals and whatnot. What did they do? Not teach there kids about the stuff they already knew? Written language??? Advanced mathmatics? OK enough…but overall I enjoyed it all crazy things aside.
    Agreed on best battlescene since Exodus pt2
    Puke Scene was alittle too real
    Adama?? Whats he gonna sit on that hill and wait for the Highlander? There can b only one!
    Caprica is gonna have some big shoes to fill!

  2. Ben Randall (tillamook city) says:

    I have never and dont plan to watch this!!!!!!!!

  3. korportl22 says:

    Thoughts about some of the lows:
    The Adama puke scene was pretty out there, but EJO’s big deal about playing the role of the Admiral was that he wanted it to be “real.” Maybe he thought it was important to show his failings so we could better understand how he got where he was? Maybe?
    We thought they should have landed in the California or Nevada desert about 200 years ago. That would give creedence to the whole thing about aliens landing on our planet and might help explain why there are weird technologies from outter space found here according to UFO-ists.
    I thought Kara as Angel was kind of a weird thing, too.
    However, I keep thinking about the stories and how they brought it together like this and, really, I loved it!
    I want to go back and watch the original mini-series again!

  4. Mark Nelsen says:

    I really enjoyed the finale. In fact I think it’ll be my favorite “episode” after “33-Season1” and “Exodus-Season3”. Yes, one could pick it apart and complain about how some storylines were wrapped up. But I figure you have to take it as a whole.
    -Best battle scene in about 2 years, since “Exodus”.
    -Col. Tigh’s chuckles at several points.
    -Old Centurions plodding along while newer ones race past them in the Colony.
    -The end of Cavil.
    -The view of Galactica falling apart while drifting past earth’s moon.
    -Music was excellent; my heart was racing during the Colony attack, and the inclusion of the 1978 BSG music as the ragtag fleet headed towards the sun near the end was a nice addition.
    -Lee and Kara heading towards the table…stupid.
    -Adama puking in the street
    -Ending up on earth 150,000 years ago. Would have made far more sense to arrive about the time Egyptians and Greeks were getting organized.
    -39,000 people wouldn’t have given up all technology after whining about their ships for 4 years.
    -The weird end with the walk through NYC.

  5. Eternal Yamcha (SE Milwaukie) says:

    First from Orygun.
    I never did, just wanna hear if some predictions I heard about the end are true.

  6. offroadjosh(Kalispell area montana) says:

    first lol!!! never really watched it… whats it about?

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