Gloomy Monday

March 23, 2009

Snapshot Drew made this graphic for our 5pm show.  You've probably heard that Redoubt Volcano erupted late last night and today, sending ash 50,000' up into the atmosphere.  For now the ash is actually headed farther away from us, but as the week goes on, the flow could bring any future ash farther south into Canada.  It's something to keep an eye on since you may remember late last Summer or Fall we had some ash overhead from an Aleutian volcano.

  On to the weather; at least it was dry for a good chunk of Saturday.  I got outside quickly and planted my fruit trees, put up some of the kid's bird boxes, etc. before it rained.  But today was a heck of a gloomy afternoon and evening.  The combination of cold temps, breezy south wind, and rain made for a "January" feel in the air.  I noticed all snow was falling around 4pm on our TV tower at 1900'.  If the airmass over us had been 5-10 degrees colder, we would have had sticking snow in the low elevations this afternoon.  The last few years it seems like winter is never far away…even in March and April.

More gloom is on the way for tomorrow and the first half of Wednesday as two more systems move inland.  The 2nd one on Wednesday is a fun one due to it swinging down from the north-northwest.  This is a heavy snow pattern for the Cascades and especially Blue mountains.  Our RPM model says up to 2 ft. of snow in the Blues between Walla Walla and La Grande.  A cold shortwave trough swinging down from the northwest is always efficient for heavy snowfall over there.  Since the air behind that trough is quite a bit drier and from the north, clearing should occur quickly Wednesday afternoon.

Thursday-Saturday SHOULD be dry, but each model is slightly different on the flat ridging over us.  I see the 18z GFS has a system close enough for rain here on Saturday.  I hope that's not what the 00z GFS decides to do because our forecast says dry.  Have I ever said I HATE SPRING FORECASTING?  Of course I don't mind a big ridge, but the rest is a pain.

Okay, I'm blogging a bit early because I need to go hit the stationary bike.  If you see EMT's rushing towards the 24 Hour Fitness on NW Cornell, they are probably coming after me because I pushed it a bit too hard…Mark Nelsen

BSG: The Finale Discussion

March 23, 2009

Bsg-final1  This is a one-time thing.  I regularly tell you people that it's a weather blog and please don't have long discussions about non-weather issues.  Well, this is obviously non-weather related, but necessary.  For those of you weather geeks who are also sci-fi geeks that followed Battlestar Galactica…discuss the finale here.  I'll give my thoughts in the comments later…Mark Nelsen