Weather Questions?

March 18, 2009

Snapshot  Another nice and warm spring day…that's two within a week!  That's a bit more like it.

I don't have anything deep to discuss tonight.  It's a bit of a chaotic weather pattern from the upcoming weekend into next week.  My "favorite" forecasting time of the year is arriving…great.

This weekend is looking drier than 24 hours ago and we may get a break at some point the middle of next week too.  As you can see from the graphic, the mountains are doing just fine.  Like that 0" of snow on the ground in late March 2005 at SkiBowl?  That was a warm spring.

Okay, someone suggested this a few days ago;  about 2 years ago I did a few posts on slow weather days in which I answered questions you folks had.  Let's do it again for fun.  The rules are…well, not really any rules.  Just nothing obscene…slightly obnoxious is always okay in my world though.  If you've read this blog long, you know I have a good sense of humor.  This can include weather questions, tv questions, and mildly personal questions (I'll save you some typing…it's briefs not boxers).  Oh, and let's keep it to one or two questions per person too.

Leave any weather discussion on the previous post, questions only here…Mark Nelsen