Blue Skies Return

Moonset_LarryFilz  Larry Filz sent me another very nice picture today…he was up early (at least for my schedule).  He caught the early morning full moon setting behind the West Hills as just a few puffs of stratus or fog floated above the Willamette River.

Today was a great day with tons of bright sunshine.  I still had 3" of snow at my home this morning, so it was a bit blinding inside the house with the sun plus snow cover.  A dry east wind is blowing as expected, bringing dewpoints down into the lower 20s and teens.  No significant changes for tomorrow except a warming airmass should push our temps up 8 or 10 degrees.  A few more degrees of warming for Friday as the east wind dies down.  In fact the wind goes light southerly late in the day.

The big change is Saturday as clouds and solid rainfall move in.  This is a change to wet southwesterly flow.  Models disagree on how close the new Western USA ridge will be to us.  The ECMWF has it closer with much higher heights…warm enough to give us a 70 degree day.  The GFS insists that the conveyor belt of moisture will sit over or just north of us.  We have decided to stick with that solution in our 7 Day forecasts.  Either model  is mild though…Mark Nelsen

50 Responses to Blue Skies Return

  1. Captain Convergence Zone ie: Josh the Snowman, From, Everett, WA says:

    Ya, Mark is pretty cool to meet. Although, when you’re drunk anyone is cool to meet….lol.
    I hope to come down and visit the station again with my bro, Mat…huh Mark???
    Have to do it quick as I might be accepting a job up in Anchorage, AK. Stay tuned.
    I might really be bragging next winter about the cold and snow huh?

  2. Mike from Orchards says:

    Great AMS meeting tonight….standing room only…Got to meet some more “bloggers” such as Heisson Rob, Cherie, Tornado Aly, and Tyler among others…even got to shake hands with Mark…….Presentations from both Steve and Mark were excellent…..again, more learning experiences for me…
    41.4F……DP 25.1….calm…pressure ~ 30.25″

  3. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Great job Steve on the presentation! I asked my kids what they learned tonight and one said, “thicknesses we need to get snow,” and another said, “how to measure snow.” My 10-year old said it was a little over his head, but he still enjoyed it. They thought meeting Mark Nelsen was pretty cool. ;o)

  4. boring larry (not at home) says:

    …oops, forgot this part…

  5. Rob Martin says:

    It was a nice turn out. I counted 45 people there! Next time we host it at the station we will have to move it to one of our studio’s to accommodate more people.

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