Sunny, Then Wet Ahead

March 10, 2009

Mt Hood From Upper Bowl 1  Since we have some sunshine and I couldn't find a decent picture, I pulled this one out of the "archives".  That means I have a directory with a bunch of viewer pictures in between on the junk on my PC desktop.  Technically that's a Meredith Corporation PC, not mine, but you get the idea.

Hans Wipper, operations manager up at Mt. Hood Skibowl took this picture in late September 2007 from the top of Upper Bowl.   Notice how little snow is on the mountain that time of year.  Maybe I'm just wishing for some sunny and warm weather…I am.

Up until 9pm I was getting worried about the chance for clearing tonight.  Low level drier air is arriving through the Gorge right now, evidenced by Stephanie Kralevich's wind blown hair (still looked good though!) in the 10pm FedEx story.  She was standing out there in Troutdale.  So no chance for fog or low clouds developing overnight.  The cloud deck over us now is up around 6,000' or so and now it appears to be thinning from the south on the IR satellite loop.  So I DO feel we'll be clear by daybreak.

Easy forecast tomorrow through Friday…sunshine!  It'll be slow to warm up with a very chilly modified arctic airmass east of the Cascades, but even so I think we'll make it to at least 60 degrees Friday.

The weekend?  Very Wet!  The 12z/18z/00z GFS have consistently shown a trough coming through Saturday, quickly followed by the next large trough sitting offshore.  That sets up a mild southwesterly wet flow.  The 12 and 18z were wet, but the 00z goes nuts with a flood-producing pineapple-express bullseye of 11" rainfall in the next 7 days!  We'll see about that, but either way I have a feeling Saturday through Tuesday is going to be a mild soaker.  In fact I'm so confident that I bought some paint this evening to paint the ceiling in the living room this weekend…it'll be an indoor (and wild!) weekend at the Nelsen home…Mark Nelsen