A Short Post

March 4, 2009

DSCF0013  This picture has absolutely nothing to do with weather…just a couple of friends smiling for the camera during a commercial break.  I spent a bunch of time this evening cleaning up my school presentation and taking some new pictures in the studio…this would be one of them.  So I didn't have much time to blog.

I don't see any major changes in forecast thinking for this weekend.  It appears to be cold enough to get lowland snow from sometime Saturday night through early Monday morning.  The limiting factor will be moisture showing up at the proper time.  I have a gut feeling that with westerly onshore flow (rain shadow), we have another Dusting to 1" event coming up in the lowlands for Sunday morning…maybe again Sunday night if the moisture holds out.

For fun I checked out the March 1951 maps, when we had 4-10" in the metro area.  500mb heights dipped to about 507 over Portland!!!  An incredibly deep upper level low dropped down and sat just to our north for about 3 days, circulating very cold showers onshore.  I noticed at one point 850mb temps were well below -10.  That must have been fun…Mark Nelsen