Meeting in the Middle

March 3, 2009

MtHoodSunrise_LarryFilz  Now THIS is a nice viewer picture.  Larry Filz took this picture last week on a cold morning up at Mt. Tabor.  Looks like the sky was on fire over Mt. Hood doesn't it?  Well, he says it was very chilly.

The title of this post is a reference to the Diamond Rio song from the mid 1990s.  I listened to a lot of country music back then…not so much now.  Maybe I've become a hermit recluse that doesn't pay attention to pop culture.  Anyway, the lyrics we're about two people coming together to "meet in the middle", specifically in a relationship.  I was thinking today though that this is more or less what the ECMWF and GFS have done over the last 24 hours.  Remember yesterday the GFS was very cold with two separate and cold closed lows dropping down over us both Thursday night and Sunday.  Now the GFS is more open with the waves (especially Thursday's) and the main energy heads farther east.  But the ECMWF has gone from a wave moving by well to east each time to a much sharper trough, and even a bit of a closed low dropping in on us Sunday.  So they both agree on a "close to sea level" snow possibility late Saturday and early Sunday…time to pull out the lonely little snowflake for the 7 Day forecast.

That's it for tonight…by the way, the Oregon AMS Meeting will be here at KPTV NEXT Thursday, the 12th at 7pm.  Anyone is welcome to attend.  Steve Pierce will be presenting about this past winter's weather.  Should be right up our alley don't you think?   Mark Nelsen