Where’s the Rain?

February 12, 2009

Snapshot Wow, a bit of a depressing evening for me.  The missing man in the Gorge (Jerry Stomps) lives just up the road from me.  I actually didn't know him very well, but I did spend 3 hours with him while he plowed out my driveway on a very snowy Christmas Day.  Lots of conversation about life and those unimportant things two guys would discuss while outside working.  Last thing I said to him was "Merry Christmas!" and something similar to his wife Lynne that morning.  You can read about the latest sad developments on this over at www.kptv.com.  No need to go into details on a weather blog of course.  It's just been one of those times that makes me really wonder about life and people.

Okay, it'll be a very short weather post.  This evening's developments are summed up on the radar and satellite looper.  The frontal band has taken about 6 hours to make it from the coastline to the main I-5 corridor.  We still have no rainfall in the metro area at 10:30pm.  This seems to line up with the lack of moisture our RPM shows through tomorrow.  Add in a mild easterly wind (not cold), no really dry air for evaporative cooling, and you get no snow tomorrow morning.  As you can see in the graphic, the positioning of the frontal band plus easterly flow MIGHT produce some low elevation snow up against the Coast Range.  Other than that, you need to live up in the hills to see white in the morning.

Long range maps show the cool pattern continuing through at least the middle of next week.  The ECMWF implies the entire trough will shift a bit more to the west later next week, which would put us into a milder westerly or southwesterly flow.  We'll see about that…Mark Nelsen