The Day After

February 11, 2009

Snapshot For those of you as old as me, the title doesn't refer to the scary nuclear holocaust movie that was part of my teenage years.  No, today is the day after the fun snow day.  It was nice to relax at home as wet snow fell in the hills and accumulations stayed nice and thin in the city.  I was pretty happy with how the models performed, although I'll admit some extreme anxiety set in briefly around 1pm as the heavier precip dropped at least a coating of white to the lowest elevations.   Luckily that didn't last long and temperatures rose as we headed into the evening.  A quick call to the National Weather Service this afternoon (Chucky D. answered!) said we didn't actually have measurable snow at the forecast office.

Another system drops down the coastline tomorrow night.  This one is slightly warmer, and comes over us after a "warm" day.  So snow is pretty unlikely, especially with lighter precipitation intensity as well.  Of course on the hills well above 1,000', there could be a dusting by Friday morning.

The weather looks a bit more active next week…maybe.  Long range maps are pretty messy…Mark Nelsen

SKY FLASH EXTRA!  We've had a few calls and emails about a bright flash in the sky, a fireball, meteor etc…around 10:30pm.  If you saw it, please tell us what you saw, where, and when, in the comments below!

A great place to read about fireballs is on the AMS Site.