Snow Totals… if any :)

Well I figured we might as well see whats coming down out there.  Please leave your

1. Snow totals


2. Locations/Elevations

on this post.  All other posts will be deleted.

Thanks! It helps us make some cool graphics if there is enough data.

-Rob Martin

13 Responses to Snow Totals… if any :)

  1. only your momma remembers snodaze like thesedaze.... says:

    just S. & E. of 223rd & Stark in Gresham… What fell this afternoon is pretty much still on the grass areas…
    Crunchy out at 2am… (gulp :)… must be below 32…
    Mark… There must be a vortex in this location 🙂 … Time after time, winter after winter I see this neighborhood retaining it’s snowfall far longer than other neighborhoods around town… I’m at “highland” gradeschool in Gresham…
    Is there anything anyone can think of that would cause this?… I’m no higher in elevation than others around town (about 367′) their snow is all melted, but it’s not here… What’s up?

  2. Nicholas Hubsky says:

    1 inch in east Brush Prairie, 560 Ft. elevation. At noon it was raining, but noticed rain changed back to snow as I drove down the hill into orchards. Sure seemed odd seeing snow at lower elevations and rain at higher ones.

  3. 1.75 inches of snow
    Forest Grove
    David Hill and Thatcher – 200 feet
    “The Forest Grove Effect”

  4. Mark Nelsen says:

    1/2″ last night & A.M., then 2″ this afternoon with the heavier stuff. Just over 2″ on ground now.
    3 mi. SE of Corbett, 1050′

  5. thomas says:

    St.Helens 94Ft 1/2inch this morning and 1 inch now 33.6 degrees and snowing moderately

  6. Diana - Mt Scott above 1000' says:

    From this morning .5″ to .75″, melted some, now accumulating more, will get a measurement on new accumulation when it stops.

  7. B-Rein says:

    1″ 675ft demascus

  8. ChuckyD81 says:

    Trace of snow in Fairview.
    Might have been as much as 1/4″ on the ground before I went out to measure, but I can’t say for sure.

  9. Steve Pierce (Vancouver, WA.) says:

    200ft. elev.
    SR-500 & I-205
    P.S. See my latest comments in other thread.

  10. Prune Hill Outpost says:

    Exactly one inch, snow now very light, 700 feet Prune Hill Camas.

  11. germantownsummit says:

    3/4″+ (windy)
    30.2 since 7AM

  12. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    …ive dropped a half degree in the last few minutes as the wind has started barely moving branches here..31.1, with a dusting, none of those nice flakes i see on tv….

  13. Emz in Beaverton says:

    1/4 inch in beaverton off denney & 217. not sure what the elevation is here.. maybe 200 ft?

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