Saturday Night Special

February 7, 2009

Globalwarming_johnrinier  This picture is WAY too funny, no matter what your opinion on global warming.  John Rinier sent me this picture titled HUNDREDS ATTEND GLOBAL WARMING PROTEST RALLY.  It sure looks like a lot of work doesn't it?  Unless it's been graphically altered of course.

I'll have my thoughts on the upcoming week later…

Oops, it's 10:49pm and I'm almost out of time.  Since I worked a Saturday, we had some fun playing a few "active" video games on the big huge TV screens in the weather center.  Lots of fun but not much time left for blogging.

We're going to be awfully close to snow on Tuesday, especially if the precipitation rushes in here at daybreak.  We never get a significant south wind that day either, just some warming of the airmass over the top of us.

The biggest thing I notice on the maps tonight is that the split flow is going to reappear (or never go away?) during the next 7+ days.  Check out Wednesday-Saturday next week, the 500mb flow clearly shows this.  So significant precipitation is going to be hard to come by.  For that reason I took the rain out of Friday's forecast.  Gotta go!  Mark Nelsen