Another Warm Day

February 4, 2009

Snapshot  It's not unheard of in winter, but it looks like PDX beat all of these Dixie cities for afternoon comfort today.  Notice Portland was warmer than Orlando!  What a nice day…a bit early for 59 degrees and we only missed the record by 1.  We hit 60 on this date in 1992.  Remember that was the year where winter just petered out and I think March 1992 was the warmest ever in PDX(shooting from the hip there, Steve Pierce could verify).  I'm a little behind tonight, due to visiting a large box store with large volumes of pita chips and toilet paper, but I don't want to endorse any certain business of course.  Plus, I spent an extraordinary amount of time trying to get some more of our RPM-WRF model graphics on the web page…that's a work in progress.   You can find the links on my personal weather page here…about halfway down on the left side.

Some changes in store beginning early next week…looks like the split flow is going to consolidate a bit and we get some colder upper-level troughs swinging through the Pacific Northwest.  As usual, depending on the model and run, you can find snow just about down to sea level at times.  Drew and I did notice a "disturbing" trend in the 00z GFS (and GEM looks similar).  The split is still there a bit Sunday and Monday.  The bulk of the Sunday system energy and cold air heads south of here.  Eureka may have a better chance of snow than Portland!  That's it for now, time to go home.  Mark Nelsen