4th Dry Week

February 3, 2009

Snapshot  I made up this little wet/dry graphic for the evening weathercasts.  It clearly shows that we are in the 4th week of little to no precipitation.  The last good soaking we had was a month ago!  12 of the last 13 months have been drier than average or average here in Portland.

A stronger than expected (at least than I expected) easterly wind today really pushed the temperatures through the roof…what a way to screw up!  I love being wrong like I was today.  Highs were around 60 degrees in most of the Portland Metro Area.  I don't see any significant change for tomorrow except the easterly flow will be a bit weaker.  We should still get the mixing to let temps rise up into the upper 50s again.  It hit 70 degrees at Newport and Tillamook today, so if you feel a bit sick, the Oregon Coast would be the place to "recover" tomorrow.

Still a splitty flow through the weekend, so not much rain coming up.  However, long range models keep hinting at a change.  That does not include the ECMWF.  It still looks "ridgey" through next week (as of the 12z run).  We'll see…Mark Nelsen

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