Snow Totals Ver 5.0: Christmas Edition

Really, this should be it this time around! It's getting a bit ridiculous. Looks like everyone gets some between now and Christmas afternoon. Put in your snow totals on this post through Christmas.

1.  New Snow (starting Christmas Eve morning, Wednesday)

2. Total snowdepth

3. Location

No other comments or discussion in this post please.  Keep discussing weather in other posts.

52 Responses to Snow Totals Ver 5.0: Christmas Edition

  1. Kirk ( 7miles North of Washougal ) says:

    Dec 25th 2008
    1. 5″ today 29″ total snow fall
    2. 20 on the ground now
    3. 7 miles North of Washougal @ 1000 ft

  2. Brian says:

    1. 3.8″ new snow today from 9:30am to 1:00pm, temperature 37 at 9am and only dropped to 33 during snowfall. Snowed very heavy from 11:30am to 12:45pm.
    2. *14.2″ on ground at 1:00pm. We would have more but we lost 2″ during rain yesterday. The rain turned back to snow at 8:45pm last night.
    *Today was an equalizer. When the first snowfall on Dec. 14 happened south of Portland, those of us in Clark county got nearly nothing while Oregon City got 5-6″. Thanks for the payback on Christmas day mother nature. I will never forget this Christmas 2008.
    3. Battle Ground Lake, Washington (el 500ft).

  3. Tyler in Vancouver says:

    1.5″ new from the band today.
    8″+ on ground.
    Vancouver, 276′

  4. Doppler Dave (NE Portland) says:

    Half inch new on Christmas Day!!!
    Probably 8 inches or so compacted snow on the ground now.
    19.5 inches total accumulation for this cold event so far.

  5. snowman says:

    1. 1/2″ – 1″ new so far today. It just started to snow heavily but it looks a bit wet.
    2. 14″ – 18″ left
    3. Between Sandy and Eagle Creek

  6. cliff gavic says:

    Christmas day
    4 1/2 inches new
    30 inches on ground already
    1,100 ft sandy, oregon
    snowing heavily today.

  7. cliff gavic says:

    Christmas day
    4 inches new snow
    30 inches on ground
    elevation 1,100 ft.
    sandy, oregon

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