Mild Temps Continue

December 2, 2008

Snapshot Whew…seems like mild Fall temps just don't want to go away.  Once again we made it into the mid 50s today.  And check out the morning low!  We couldn't even make it down to our normal high.

I would like to move on and talk about fun and exciting weather in our future…but there isn't any.  But I'll try.

There is a quite a dry airmass gradually working south through Eastern Oregon this evening.  Check out the dewpoint drops in the Okanogan Valley through the day as a north wind moved in.  This drier and cooler air fills the Columbia Basin tomorrow and Thursday.  Of course then it'll come through the Gorge, clearing skies for Thursday and Friday.

Not much to say beyond that except the 7-10 day forecast looks relatively quiet.  MAYBE more activity towards the middle of next week, but I'm skeptical for now…Mark Nelsen