A New Weather Book

October 31, 2008

MASWEA I just found out about a new book related to Pacific Northwest Weather today.  The details are here.

Cliff Mass, the author, is a well-known expert in our weather, especially the Puget Sound area.  He was my favorite professor back when I was at the University of Washington (way back in 1990!).  That program had a very heavy emphasis on research and graduate work back then.  But Cliff was one of the few professors who seemed to actually love the day to day weather like we do.  Many hours were spent listening to his thoughts on upcoming weather patterns in the map room.  For you young kids, we actually used to hang maps on the wall because computers were a bit slow and cumbersome for displaying maps quickly.  It was like that until only 8-10 years ago!  

It was during Cliff's synoptic map-drawing class, when two of us (me and Steve Abarta) sighted the 1991 Kitsap County Tornado.  I was actually staring out the window not paying attention.  I'm easily distracted by the way.  Hard to believe that the only tornado I've ever seen was in the middle of Seattle DURING a meteorology class.  I haven't read his book yet, but I'm sure it'll be full of good info for both "normal" folks and those of us that track weather closely.

As for weather, looks like we just barely avoided the rain during prime trick or treat hours.  A band of showers has been moving across the around between 9 and 10pm tonight.  Lots more to follow the next week or more.  November is going to come it just as it should…Mark Nelsen


Early Morning Update….From Rob Martin

OK Good Morning all, I am just giving a quick little morning update.  There is a Winter Weather Advisory in Effect Until 4pm Today … INCLUDING THE CITIES OF…GOVERNMENT CAMP…DETROIT.. SANTIAM PASS…MCKENZIE BRIDGE…OAKRIDGE…WILLAMETTE PASS.. COLDWATER RIDGE VISITORS CENTER…MOUNT ST. HELENS -NWS

Expect rain for most of the day turning to showers this evening here in the Metro Area with highs around 50. Tonight we will see a low near 45, leading us into tomorrow with more showers and a High of 50. The snow level will continue to drop, 4500' this afternoon, 3500' tomorrow afternoon. Expect snow falling up on Mt. Hood above pass levels today, down to pass level tomorrow.  We have a crew up at Timberline this morning and there is SNOW on the ground and falling from the sky right now(7:15AM)!!!  The road up there is only wet up to Govt Camp, turning to snow after you turn on to the Timberline Road.  Happy Trails, Rob Martin