Here Comes the Rain

October 30, 2008

SnapshotDrew was definitely the winner and I am no longer the weather master at FOX-12, for at least a day or two.  Refer to the previous post for details…solid cloud cover the entire day today with a "watery sun" at best.  Temps only made it into the upper 50's across most of the metro area, yet warm air has been right above our heads all day.  That is surfacing nicely in a few spots this evening as easterly and southeasterly flow increases.  Notice Newport and Troutdale temps at 9pm?  Lower 60s in those spots.  I see mid 60's now at Sandy and Estacada!  Too bad we couldn't get that when the sun was actually up!  I'm raising tonight's low temp forecast to 50 degrees, basically thinking that only rainfall will cool us down to that temperature.

A nice break still on tap for tomorrow afternoon for the little kids.  We will be between tonight's wave of moisture and Saturday's more organized system.  You can see the center of that one getting organized near 145W/40N.  A general easterly surface flow will continue all the way through Saturday night.  Each wave moving by (one west of Cape Blanco right now) will increase outflow through the Gorge, then the wind should relax a bit.  I sure didn't expect gusts near 50 mph at the west end of the Gorge this evening, but November is only 1 day away, so it's not too hard to do this time of year.

Lots of rain in the 7 Day forecast.  Quite a bit later Saturday through Monday, then a good slug of moist and mild southwesterly flow later Wednesday through Friday.  It's definitely looking like November on the weather maps…Mark Nelsen