Rain on the Way

October 29, 2008

Snapshot A quiet evening out there…I made a quick trip to a very large warehouse store to buy a very large pumpkin pie for the crew (and me of course).  Exciting life that I lead…

What a nightmare for forecasting today.  Those of you on the east side think we overdid the cloud forecast, those on the west side of town wondered why it took until 2-3pm for the clouds to dissipate.  By sunset the clouds were just barely clearing all the way down near Salem!  Looks like fog is now developing over parts of the Willamette Valley.  McMinnville has some mist at 8pm.

Quite a forecast debate in the weather center tonight.  I want to go partly cloudy at worst because I have a "feeling" that the clouds will be thin and high tomorrow.  Couple that with easterly surface flow and mild southerly flow just above, and I figure we have a 65 degree day.  Drew (and current IR satellite imagery) says a pretty solid high cloud cover tomorrow with highs only in the lower 60's at best.  No libations are bet on this, just my pride, and the chance for Drew to say I TOLD YOU SO for 8 hours tomorrow afternoon & evening.  We're staying with my forecast mainly because we don't want to change something like 10 different graphics.

Easier forecast for Friday and beyond…WET!  It sure doesn't really look stormy or exceedingly wet at least through the beginning of next week.  Remember the 1st week of November 2006?  Something like 5-6" of rain in the metro area and glacial outburst flooding on Mt. Hood.  A low of 63 degrees one day too!  Mark Nelsen