Snapshot Looks like easterly gradient is picking up quickly this evening as high pressure settles east of the mountains.  Still looks like maybe 8 millibars from PDX-DLS by mid-morning tomorrow.  Obviously fog is close to developing with a low temp-dewpoint spread at this hour.  This fog should be quite shallow with easterly wind developing just above the surface just about everywhere in the metro area by daybreak.  I think the increasing wind will also keep us fog-free east of I-205 tonight.

This won't be one of those wintertime events where the wind sticks around for days and days.  A front passing by to the north Thursday lowers pressures to the east pretty quickly then, killing the wind.

Long range?  There seems to be a tendency in several different models to want to bring troughing over the Pacific Northwest, a pattern similar to last winter.  00z GFS looks quite a bit different though.  It IS a safe bet that mild and warm weather continues at least through next Tuesday.  Beyond that though you should just roll the dice.  Mark Nelsen

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  1. luvry (in tanasbourne) says:

    I dunno if anyone has got a sneak peak at the 12z GFS but it sure looks like fall will arrive right around Halloween. Nothing MAJOR at this point but from hour 174 all the way through 372, there are consistent storms coming through, November may start off wet for sure! The GFS has been hinting at getting the zonal flow goin around this time frame off and on for awhile now, hope it happens!
    Rob, feel better buddy!

  2. Mike (Sweet Home) says:

    A low of 31.7°. Clear skies with a few patches of thin ground fog around town.

  3. offroadjosh(7miles west of kalispell montana) says:

    23.7 still dropping

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