Big Storm, Long Ways Away

October 6, 2008

Snapshot Quite a deep storm heading into the Northern edge of Vancouver Island tonight.  The trailing cold front is approaching the coast line right now…not looking real impressive.  We should get a nice burst of rainfall overnight with it.

New 00z NAM is quite chilly for the trough Thursday and Friday, just like the 12 & 18z GFS was.  Looks like a nice little burst of cold air is coming for the end of the work week.  Time to bring in the last of the beans, cucumbers, and squash don't you think? 

We're a bit busy this evening due to a computer upgrade this afternoon.  We're still putting out fires, like computers that aren't talking to each other correctly and graphics that look squished like pancakes.  We're lurching from one "crisis" here in the weather center to the next, all the while trying to avoid glancing at the 401k retirement account at the same time.  It's like trying to not looking at the car wreck as you past an accident scene!  More tomorrow evening…Mark Nelsen