Below Record but Above Average Temp’s … and a Happy New Year

  Yesterday turned out to be a bit of a disappointment because the clouds coving the Valley failed to burn off early enough for really warm temperatures. Today is going to be around 8 degrees warmer than average at about 78, but below record levels. Tomorrow brings a change with rain in the forecast which will remain there for the following 6 days. The ridge of high pressure that has been keeping us warm and dry is breaking down with an active storm pattern filling in behind it bringing in a series of fronts. Enjoy the nice weather before we really see the fall rains begin.

    Now for the weather community, the start of October marks the beginning of a new water year. Not surprisingly this past year has been….wait for it…. Dry! September ended with about a half inch of rain, well below the 1.65" normal.  From the looks of the current 7 day forecast we might start the new water year out a little on the wet side? -Rob Martin


5 Responses to Below Record but Above Average Temp’s … and a Happy New Year

  1. meros from orchards says:

    I had 0.25 inch of rain for September here in the Orchards area.

  2. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    anyone having Vista upgrade problems with thier weather software…specifically weather display?

  3. jacob BPA says:

    well I guess we better take a look at that low coming in Huh Fab 5 lets go Def con 4
    The rest of the winter looks to decent the chance of 1 or more Wind storms seem likely
    The Solar cycle seems to in stall mode LOL
    Moisture this winter looks to be avg
    The Mountains should also see good conditions for snow pack
    The majority of model forecasts suggest that ENSO neutral conditions will persist through the end of the year and likely through Spring 2009.The NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory’s PDO forecast model, suggests a continuation of negative/cold PDO throughout the rest of 2008.
    As for Temps the Outlook is looking like Below avg temps for the next 3 months
    We Don’t expect a huge snowfall in the Mts like last year but we should be fine as far as water goes
    I can go on about stream flow forecast but I think I would bore all of you

  4. ??? Did our comments get deleted?

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