A Hot September Day

Snapshot  A scorcher today, by late September standards at least.  Vancouver, McMinnville, and Scappoose all made it to 92 degrees.  Areas exposed to the strongest of the east wind only made it into the mid 80s, so you can get too much of that warm easterly wind this time of year.  Too much mixing isn't always a good thing when you want to break a record.  We only tied the record of 89 degrees at PDX instead of hitting 90 for one last time this season.  BUT, it does feel good that the majority of us hit 90, there were a few doubters the middle of last week! 

One other thing was the warm overnight temps last night.  The easterly PDX-DLS gradient peaked out at 7 millibars this morning, keeping the wind blowing all last night in areas near the Gorge.  Troutdale had a low of 67 degrees overnight, and at 10pm the wind is still going strong, so I doubt it'll drop off before midnight.  If so, that's a record warm low for the day.  It'll also be the latest in Fall that TTD has stayed above 65 degrees.

I really screwed up the Coastal forecast today (that gives me 1-1 Chucky D!).  Easterly flow was still going at Newport at daybreak…temps had stayed around or above 70 most of the night, but a switch to SW wind around 7am meant the temp never climbed above 60 the rest of the day…too cool isn't it?  That cool southerly surge reached Astoria by midday, keeping temps there from getting much above 80 degrees.

This evening we've had some instability moving overhead, causing a freak out in the control room when the person driving the convertible suddenly had to go outside and raise it.  There were never any cloud to ground strikes and no precipitation was recorded at any official sites.  Looks like that was it for the next few hours, although another surge is in south-central Oregon right now.

Models are definitely converging on a rainy and windy period (real Fall weather) beginning Thursday and continuing through the early part of next week.  Of course each model run and each model itself has a different solution for surface low movement and cold front passage timing, so details are up in the air.  It's going to get quite wet for sure, hopefully enough to allow open burning again…I've got a big pile of brush, and last winter's Christmas tree, under a tarp ready to go.  Is that a bit trashy?  Not sure, but the needles are all gone…Mark Nelsen

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  1. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    00z WRF-GFS frame 24 has the low due west of Astoria deepening now at 979mb nearing 130 W…

  2. luvry says:

    Paul, you saw the 12z NOGAPS, 18z NAM and that the 18z GFS was trending south right? Just think this will bear SOME watching. I do agree about the opening up/filling in, but we shall see.
    Be interesting to see what the 00z holds.

  3. 18z is pretty neat. Moves the low just south of Vancouver island and deepens it a little. This could mean a greater chance of wind on the coast and some good gusts here in the valley.
    Also keeps hammering us with one low after another, true fall.

  4. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    I just got back from lunch picking up Iron Man on Blu-Ray from Target. Apparently they have this extra-special helmet shaped DVD case which is kinda cool.
    Any who, the few breaks in the clouds up here are rapidly being filled in. Seems to me that 80 could be a long shot at this point. Even had a little rain shower in the morning that turned the dust on my car into a nice little blend of muddy dust.

  5. Luvry (Tanasbourne) says:

    Rob, thinking you might wanna adjust that…down…I’m thinking mid to upper 70’s if these clouds get the heck out of here…problem is, I see another band of clouds moving up from the south. I would really knock those temps down.
    PDX currently at 65 at noon!!!

  6. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    Ha! I knew “Anthony Bertolo” seemed so familiar when I got the request over on LinkedIn. Never made the connection until you made the post about cooldango today.
    Glad that mystery is solved. 🙂
    Anywho, it was a miserable night last night which lead to little sleep as I bottomed out at about 59 degrees. I don’t think my house got much below 80.
    Fortunately today is the last of that!
    Anyone else geeked out about the combo of fall weather and the release of Iron Man? I am. 😀

  7. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Okay I’ve seen the 00z GEM, UKMET both really look to be in agreement with the GFS…. 00z EURO is later, but I am going to sleep..
    Good night all.

  8. PaulB/Eugene says:


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