A Warm Wind

September 28, 2008

Snapshot Things worked out about as expected today.  A nice strong easterly gradient through the Gorge peaked out around 5 millibars PDX-DLS this morning, but didn't drop much below 4 millibars even this afternoon.  That's a sure sign of Fall…an east wind that doesn't die down much in the afternoon.  In summer there's a very diurnal variation with it peaking out in the morning and dying down by evening due to the east side of the state baking in mid-summer sunshine.  

We just had our peak gust of the day (25 mph) here at the TV station on Highway 26 & Cornell at 9:03pm.  We are in the "West Hills Downslope Wind Exit Region"…or at least that's what I like to call it, or actually I just came up with that…pretty clever eh?  An increasing or at least steady wind at 9pm way over on this side of town makes me think that there are going to be a few spots that stay quite warm overnight.  Near the Gorge I think the wind keeps going…but PDX will probably go calm or just get some minor mixing off/on during the night.  With such a warm atmosphere developing overhead (+21degC 850mb by daybreak), temps holding in the mid 60s is possible even this late in the season.

The wind did make it to the beaches today, pushing just about all locations above 80 degrees.  I expect the same tomorrow, but then there is a shallow southerly surge that works up the Coastline tomorrow evening.  That puts them back in the 60's and lower 70s for Tuesday while we stay pretty warm inland.  I think Newport and a few other locations along the Coast will stay above 60 tonight too.

Models keep hinting at something moving up the Cascades tomorrow evening and Tuesday morning in the upper-atmosphere.  Normally one might think "What?  thunderstorms the last day of September?", but it's a very warm atmosphere and there were hundreds of lightning strikes over Nevada and Utah today.  We'll see what the next model run shows, but flow will be south or southeasterly, always good for thunderstorms.

We lose the offshore flow, but don't get any significant onshore flow, Tuesday and Wednesday.  There does appear to be a good push Thursday as a short wave swings through.  Then the "rain" door is opened up for the weekend.  Friday-Saturday look real wet…the GFS says we are going to get soaked.  Not sure about my dry forecast for Sunday…might adjust that after looking at 00z data.  The main point is to get your dry weather chores done by Wednesday, or Thursday at the latest.

I've turned the comments back on, but wasn't that a nice quiet Sunday on the blog?  After checking the stats I realized (and so should everyone else) that the number of folks reading this blog was WAY down over the last 4 days, as it always is during sunny weather.  The point is that very few people saw many of the postings, which is probably good.  About 1,300 page views for Friday and Saturday, as opposed to 8,000 on Monday August 18th…one of the heat wave days.  And by the way, there have been 96,000 comment posted over the last 2.5 years!  You people have been busy…Mark Nelsen