The Heat Is On (Late September Version)

September 27, 2008

Snapshot  We're all set for a dramatic warm up the next two days.  We hit 75 this afternoon at PDX, a nice change from the early morning fog and clouds. 

Strong easterly flow begins in the upper atmosphere (3,000'+) the next few hours, then surface easterly wind through the Gorge kicks in nicely by daybreak as well.  No low clouds here or at the Coast as a result.  Looking closely (with my old laser-treated eyes), it appears that the Gorge wind should spread out across the entire metro area by afternoon.  So I think this will be an event where northeast wind even blows out in Hillsboro and Forest Grove.  Peak gusts in the Gorge with a gradient up to 5 millibars or so should get to 45-50 mph.  Keep a close eye on that Corbett sensor tomorrow.

Easterly flow peaks tomorrow morning and then again Monday morning, then gets really weak and gradients go flat Tuesday afternoon.  This gives us 3 very warm days.  I see the 00z WRF-GFS has put the 92 degree surface temp isotherm over the Willamette Valley in spots again, so I'm sticking with the 90 degree forecast for Monday.  It still appears the easterly flow makes it to the Coastline tomorrow and probably Monday too.  But there is a bit of a southerly surge up the immediate beaches Tuesday afternoon, so much cooler then.

I've decided that with perfectly sunny weather it would be a great time to get outside the next couple of days.  That plus some excitement earlier this afternoon and evening in the comments prompted me to close the comments for at least 24 hours.  There's no reason to sit in front of a computer and get cranky with this beautiful weather.  Some would say that's an attempt at social engineering, but, well, it is.  We all know east wind will blow tomorrow and easterly gradients will pick up, nothing is going to change, you won't miss a thing!  Plus I still work tomorrow and Sunday, so I'll post again tomorrow afternoon…Mark Nelsen