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Gnarlridge  I love Google Earth…I assume most of you reading this have used it in the last few years.  The uses for it (beyond planning my future vacations), are just becoming more and more varied.  I've noticed this summer there is quite a bit more "real-time" fire mapping with Northwest wildfires.  For example, on, I found this map showing exactly where the Gnarl Ridge fire has burned.  I took the view from the north;  you're looking to the southwest, up towards Cooper Spur itself…it's an "arm" of Mt. Hood.  Cloud Cap Inn is at the top of the zig-zagging road you see…a little ways above the word "Gnarl".  It'll be interesting to hike up there in a month or so and see how much actually burned.  Of course you can click on the image to get a better view.  The file to plot this on your own Google Earth is at the link above.  In fact you can also see the spread of the fire well beyond the August 18th fire boundaries when you download that file.

We are getting some convection to our east tonight…at least so far it's staying to our east.  Some fresh strikes, first of the day in fact, have shown up in the last 15 minutes near Sherar's Bridge (Tygh Valley) and Pine Grove.  Also a fresh strike just now near Criterion Summit north of Madras…hmmm.  We may see some flashes to the east very soon!  

I don't expect a fresh marine layer overnight tonight with the mid-upper level clouds moving overhead, so we just get leftover clouds and probably no rain tomorrow.

On Sunday a dying cold front gives us a better chance for a shower.

I changed the 7 Day forecast for the middle of next week since a warm front runs right over the Northwest Wednesday as a ridge tries to build overhead…must be Fall.  Have a good weekend!  Mark Nelsen

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  1. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Looks like Mark agrees with me, ha ha. I see the 7 day has 80’s on Sunday and Monday. Barbeque season’s not over yet!
    50.8 and dropping. I think there’s a good chance I see my first 30 degree temps this fall overnight.

  2. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    63F and partly cloudy with a humidity of 45%. Too bad we had no downpours like Portland.
    Highest high on my therometer ever is a high of 104F degrees and a low of 20F.

  3. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Yeah, getting forgetful in my old age 😉
    The 12z GFS looks to give us nice weather this weekend through at least most of next week if people like it warm and dry. Might see 80 Sunday or Monday. A bit of a break from the previous few days’ GFS runs. At least I don’t really see the “Rex Block” that the NWS was hinting at. The last thing us fall and winter lovers want to see is that setting up right as we go into October.

  4. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you Luvry.
    Richard, if you could tell Derek I said hello.
    This certainly gives weight to what I’ve been saying…..
    Now on Saturday a 180kt jet is projected just south of the Aleutians.
    [300mb Jet forecast]


  5. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    WAHHHH Triforce is sad he had no down-pours and gets a crappy .16 of an inch. X:

  6. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Updated WV loop, map, and additional thoughts….
    [28km WV Loop]
    [My Analysis]
    Well the far western Pacific to the Central Pacific basin to about 150 W is really heating up in terms of weather systems. Some are developing and if the jet were to show signs of getting its act together show potential promise. If you all remember last October 3rd-4th we saw a very similar pattern to this with a deep low bombing southwest of us. It never did get inside 131 W as it tracked northward. I’m seeing indications this is possible yet again come early October.
    [Zoomed 28km Pacific Basin WV Map]
    .Png format –
    .Jpg format –
    Any thoughts?
    – Dr. Rob

  7. luvry says:

    Wow! Huge downpour here at frys in wilsonville a few mins ago! Love this!!!! Great temp as well…anyone hearing any thunder?

  8. Mike (Sweet Home) says:

    Very drippy this morning, now dry with a few very small patches of clearing.
    Currently 58.1°
    DP 53.9°
    Winds are calm
    0.10″ of rain in the bucket so far

  9. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Good afternoon, everyone
    Well it looks like I’m on something…
    No, let me rephrase that.
    It looks like I’m onto something….
    The 1st area I highlighted in my morning WV map is developing very nicely.
    [WV Zoomed Map]

    Can see what looks like a baroclinic leaf cloud as well as a healthy dry slot with good jet support. I think this is going to wind up into something formidable. Where exactly is unknown probably into the northern Gulf of Alaska. The next few areas are what we need to watch for if the jet flattens or if a ridge pumps up ahead of it.
    [WV Loop]

  10. Ryan (Walnut Grove) says:

    How fantastic does that 7-day look?? Nothing hotter than 68 degrees with off-on showers most the week.
    I love it!

  11. Sandi (Wilsonville) says:

    Left at 4:45 this am to take someone to airport for 6:30 am flight to Boise. Not to get the sports thing going again and it was not a sports-related trip… but they called to confirm safe arrival and mentioned that the plane was full of Boise fans wearing their colors. Pilot mentioned the game and the plane erupted in cheers. Pretty enthusiastic group for that time of the morning!
    Drizzle/light rain all the way to airport from Wilsonville, and dried up near end of return trip a little after 6 am. Currently overcast with a light breeze from the south. Brrr.

  12. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    I forgot. Who ever accurately predicts the closest to our rain-fall this month wins $1million cyber dollars. 😀
    I predict 1.80 estimate and it will come during 1-2 big whopper storms with a few dribbles and dribbles right afterwords that registers less then .10 of an inch. Now really good night yall.

  13. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    The evolution of fall…… By Atmospheric Wrath
    My analysis……………………………………
    [00z WRF-GFS 36KM 925mb/SLP extended model]
    [Wednesday September 24th – 5:00 AM]

    Low pressure 1007mb develops near the Aleutians. Notice the 1029mb ridge near 157 W, 45 N.
    [Wednesday September 24th – 5:00 PM]
    The low now moving southeast over the central Aleutians slightly intensifies to 1004mb. Notice how the ridge is now getting squeezed/flattened as they are being pushed southward.

    Thursday September 25th – 5:00 AM

    Low pressure now over the northern Gulf of Alaska. Notice how the ridge is weakening and has been separated/broken into 2 cores.
    Sunday September 28th – 5:00 AM

    Low pressure now dominates the northeast Pacific and Gulf of Alaska. Seeing some vigorous weather systems with an obvious strength in the west-northwest jet. If this verifies this looks very rainy/breezy and will open the door for quite a few warm/cold fronts to swing through the northeast Pacific and Gulf of Alaska.
    Any thoughts?
    – Dr. Rob

  14. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    If we are one dimensional again WSU has a real chance to beat us….
    Back to weather…. 56.8 now.
    variable-very light winds.

  15. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    I will tell you what the question was after you guys are done talkinb bout sports cause I will get ignored. I will check tomorrow to see if this is back to a weather-blog.
    Weather 58.9F and 68% humidity.

  16. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    Bobby, as far as the coaching goes I am really questioning why Chip Kelly is our offensive coordinator because not only this game but the other two he has made some very bad play calls. He make our offense look far too deliberate and predictable at times. As far as today’s game goes Bellotti was a fool to keep trying to same rotation of Harper/Masoli… Thomas should have been in the game around the 12:00 mark in the 1st quarter… Evensen obviously had a very bad game and our D was not good, but very very poor coaching decisions.
    Roper isn’t going to help us any. His delivery is bad, his trajectory on passes are bad, he often “floats” the ball instead of having some zip on it like Thomas, when he is forced out of the pocket he makes the absolute worst decisions. Now onto Harper.. He cannot throw and doesn’t know how to use the entire field of vision and doesn’t look off his receivers making his passes easily picked.
    Thomas has an excellent arm, looks like he could be athletic also. If they use Thomas they can spread out the safety’s and corner’s better and not allow defense to only key on our RBs. Thomas would give us a big play threat quite often. I’m not sure which Duck’s team you’re talking about Bobby, but it certainly isn’t the same one I have been watching this year.
    Best thing is to start Thomas and rotate Harper in ONLY on short yardage situations. Run Johnson, Blount, ect…. C’mon Bobby, you’re supposed to be the Duck’s expert guy here 🙂
    Back to weather…. 57.9 CALM winds.. Mostly cloudy, very still, and mundane.

  17. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Ok Larry,
    I guess that’s the price of living in the country.
    Currently 57.6, slowly dropping. Over and out for this evening.

  18. HIO Phil (Punxsutawney) says:

    Larry, I can’t imagine going online by dial-up anymore. I used DSL for about 9 months before going to FIOS this spring. If you can afford it and it’s available, I’d go to DSL, it’s a world of difference and usually not that much more than dial-up. Cable and FIOS are faster, but not all websites can send you info as fast as they can tranfer data.
    Temp slowly dropping, currently 58.7
    Don’t see any real warm weather coming up on the models. Looks like summer is over.

  19. Boring Larry in Cherryville el.918 says:

    …jeez, if i had to rely on google earth to see the planet with this wretched dial-up, i would have to conclude that there is no earth….

  20. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    Sixty 3 Degrees and overcast with a vengence

  21. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    That’s it, We need a sports blog in addition to this weather blog so you guys can crowd it up and no the weather monkey will not go in there as he isn’t intrested in sports so he will stay out of the way. 🙂

  22. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    Us as in PDX.

  23. Atmospheric Wrath -Far S.E. Portland- says:

    If you want a fun read go back and read last October 1st-5th posts….
    I also read the posts from December 13th-15h 2006 during that fairly big wind storm.

  24. TriforceofInvisibility says:

    Triforce also thinks that PDX-EUG is more important then OLM-EUG as the first shows the N/South orientation.
    Good night I am going to go to sleep. Can the last one out turn off the lights and feed the monkey?

  25. TV Weather Producer says:

    Talk with everyone from Eugene if I get a free moment.

  26. Gregg-Troutdale says:

    First!!!! Thanks Mark!!!!

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