Fire Maps

September 19, 2008

Gnarlridge  I love Google Earth…I assume most of you reading this have used it in the last few years.  The uses for it (beyond planning my future vacations), are just becoming more and more varied.  I've noticed this summer there is quite a bit more "real-time" fire mapping with Northwest wildfires.  For example, on, I found this map showing exactly where the Gnarl Ridge fire has burned.  I took the view from the north;  you're looking to the southwest, up towards Cooper Spur itself…it's an "arm" of Mt. Hood.  Cloud Cap Inn is at the top of the zig-zagging road you see…a little ways above the word "Gnarl".  It'll be interesting to hike up there in a month or so and see how much actually burned.  Of course you can click on the image to get a better view.  The file to plot this on your own Google Earth is at the link above.  In fact you can also see the spread of the fire well beyond the August 18th fire boundaries when you download that file.

We are getting some convection to our east tonight…at least so far it's staying to our east.  Some fresh strikes, first of the day in fact, have shown up in the last 15 minutes near Sherar's Bridge (Tygh Valley) and Pine Grove.  Also a fresh strike just now near Criterion Summit north of Madras…hmmm.  We may see some flashes to the east very soon!  

I don't expect a fresh marine layer overnight tonight with the mid-upper level clouds moving overhead, so we just get leftover clouds and probably no rain tomorrow.

On Sunday a dying cold front gives us a better chance for a shower.

I changed the 7 Day forecast for the middle of next week since a warm front runs right over the Northwest Wednesday as a ridge tries to build overhead…must be Fall.  Have a good weekend!  Mark Nelsen