Finally! 90 Degrees

September 16, 2008

Snapshot A very interesting picture was sent to us this evening from Becky Collins in Gresham.  She says some ash was falling out of the sky there, as well as where her husband works a few miles away.  Did any of you see it at your homes?  The windflow from the south-southeast is bringing smoke from several fires up into the metro area this evening.  I happened to see the setting sun…very cool!

We finally hit 90 degrees today after two days at 89.  There is a very shallow push of marine air in progress this evening, but it's barely made it into the metro area.  So 10 degrees of cooling tomorrow looks good.  In the latter half of September it shouldn't be too hard to cool our high temperature to five degrees ABOVE normal.  Then more marine air Thursday and Friday means it's back to the morning clouds, afternoon sun routine.

Quite a change in the 7 Day forecast is due to the GFS coming around to the ECMWF point of view.  850mb temps with a cold trough Monday-Tuesday are forecast by both models around 0 to +1.  Seems a bit extreme, but not unheard of the 2nd half of September.  According to my 850mb temp chart, the coldest 00z temp over SLE in the 6 Septembers 1997-2003 was +2.  That means this upcoming chilly spell is at the bottom of the chart, just 5 days after the "top of the chart" weather yesterday and today (see previous post).  So it's going to be quite a change…get the woodstove ready!  Mark Nelsen