Hurricanes and Sunshine

September 7, 2008

Tropical_cyclones_1945_2006 I found this nifty little graphic this evening from the Joint Typhoon Warning Center in Guam.  I had a viewer ask the perennial question about why we don't have Hurricanes on the West Coast.  Of course that lead to me poking around the Internet.  You need to click on the image here to get a much larger view.  Notice that the cool ocean water off the West Coast of North America is quite obviously a "storm killer".

So the answer to the viewer is that you need 80 degree water to develop/intensify any sort of tropical cyclone.  It's too cold up here on the West Coast.

No weather to really talk about this evening.  I noticed the 88 degree high at PDX was way up there on the "magic chart".  The 850mb temp of +15 over SLE this afternoon could have produced a high between 76 and 86 on an average day in early September.  We made it to that 88 degrees which probably exemplifies the perfect setup:  solid sun, dry airmass, easterly wind that wasn't too strong for maximum mixing.

Onshore flow Tuesday-Wednesday goes back to offshore Thursday-Friday.  Onshore Saturday then offshore again next Sunday.  Our warm/dry/sunny spell continues until further notice!  Mark Nelsen