A Bad Summer?

September 4, 2008

Snapshot  I got an email from a viewer in the last few days, mentioning that his wife complained about the "crappy" summer weather we had this year.  So I figured it was time to take a look.  We started cool…of course.  That was the end of our very chilly spring.  Then the numbers say we were near normal July-August.  I did notice that most other parts of the region ended up slightly cool for August though.  So far September is looking pretty mild too (the first half only!).  We didn't have a wet summer either…except for the last 10 days of August, which were a bit gray and cool.  There were a few strange things about the summer though:

1.  Lots of cool nights after mid-July.  We had night after night of chilly temps, which would account for my green tomatoes right now.

2.  Just a few brief heat waves.  Mid May (2 90 deg. days), End of June (2 hot days).  The first 15 days or so of July had steadily warm weather, but no extreme heat.  Then the next time it got really hot was briefly the first week of August for a day or so.  The mid-August heat wave was the hottest with very warm overnight temps as well.  For the high elevation spots, that heat wave was the warmest in years.  As of now, there's no sign of 90 degrees temps in the next 7 days or so.

3.  Better than last summer!  Let's be a bit more positive, last summer was very gray and drippy in the 2nd half.  This year was far more reasonable to me.

4.  For those of you that love hot/sunny summers west of the Cascades, you have been spoiled through the early 2000s by some extra hot temps, so this last summer may seem cool to you.

No changes to the forecast…mild, but not hot weather the next 7-10 days as an upper-level ridge lingers near the West Coast…Mark Nelsen