More Sunshine

September 3, 2008

Okay, no pretty picture tonight because the high quality software won't allow me for some strange reason.  I have better things to do than trying to get it in the blog for 10 minutes.

What a stable weather pattern.  I don't see any significant change for at least a week.  So MAYBE I will get orange pumpkins and red tomatoes!  Instead of green pumpkins and green tomatoes.  I know a lot of you hate this weather, but I love waking up to the sunshine.  Winter will eventually come, and having it drippy and gray for days on end in September or October is a total waste if there's no chance of a windstorm or snow.  Or at least that's my opinion!

I did lower the temps on the 7 Day forecast based on 00z models. Neither the NAM or GFS support temps near 90 for Sunday, so it's gone.

Now, discuss among yourselves.  Mark Nelsen