A Slow Weather Night

August 28, 2008

Junk So why not look at the latest NHC forecast for Gustav.  Exciting times ahead in the Gulf of Mexico apparently.  (11:10pm update:  00z HWRF intensifies the storm to 200 mph in the Gulf and makes a direct hit on New Orleans!  Link is here)That plus Russia saying they may cut off oil this weekend could make the energy situation even MORE interesting, but that's well beyond the scope of my little weather blog.

A surge of moisture into our airmass this evening…dewpoints have pushed up to around or just above 60 degrees.  Looks like a slight push up the Columbia River did it.  This goes really well with MOS data that showed high dewpoints (for us) tomorrow, then sudden drying with dewpoints into the 40s tomorrow night and Saturday behind a mainly dry cold front.

Quite a sharp trough dropping in Saturday and Sunday.  I like the look…if it was January.  A strong wave rotates south into the Pacific Northwest around a cold polar vortex over western/central Canada.  This could probably bring a nice show of low elevation snow (or at least in the hills) and then cold/dry air from the north.

Not much else to say tonight and I'm running a bit behind.  Mark Nelsen