Time For Debate!

August 26, 2008

Seaice_2008 I figure the weather is REALLY slow lately, so let's spice up the discussion with some data.

You may remember that the least amount of Arctic Sea Ice Cover was recorded last September.  Of course thats the least since satellite measurements began around 30 years ago…keep that in mind.

Of course each winter a large area refreezes and then melts in the spring/summer.  So obviously you can ONLY compare the maximum in any winter and/or the minimum at the end of each summer.  I remember some posters last winter mentioning that the sea ice had "recovered".  It does that every year.  But how low is the minimum each September or how high is the maximum in March?  Well, take a look at the chart.  As of today, 2008 has the 2nd lowest sea ice cover on record.  Notice the line is dropping quickly and probably will for another week to 3 weeks.  This year MAY end up with the smallest ice cover on record!  Here's the press release from the National Snow/Ice Data Center.

So what does that have to do with our weather?  Not much, at least in the short term, but it's like screaming tornado in a theater full of weather nuts.  Just something fun for this cool Tuesday evening.

The arctic climate is clearly warming, that's no surprise, but will it continue?  Sunspots anyone?  IPCC?  Mothership behind the moon?  Smoking Man?  Cylons? Go ahead and discuss, just don't get up in each other's "grills" and make me have to ban anyone.

My thoughts on global warming are here.  Feel free to put yours in the comments below.

Mark Nelsen